Over the Line

Stinging words,

Burning words,

Scathing words,

Stabbing words.

Use any method you wish,

Because it just shows how much of a coward,


Train wreck of a person you truly are.

You may think yourself cool,

But what you don't know,

Is that those words you sent to me and everyone else,

Will be sent right back at you,

Like a cursed red letter,

Of which you refused to burn or throw away,

Like a sane person would.

Rid of the blood envelope,

Rid of the words,

The past,

Rid of the wretched you.

But instead you kept it,

Displayed with pride as a trophy,

So everyone can see.

Then one day,

You received something different.

A white envelope,

Unknowing of the meaning.

And when you opened the lip...

That's when you went over the line...

Once again...

I was willing to give you a second chance,

To not open the death letter,

To destroy it.

But instead,

You embraced it,

Enjoyed my pain.

So now I release my knife,

Of hatred and anger.

And made you pay,

Pay for the snickering behind people's backs,

Pay for your way of words,

Pay for all the nooses that have been tugged because of you.

You already crossed the line,

One too many times...

You're not going to do it again...

And I hope on the brink of your defeat,

I would see regret in your eyes,

Even though...

It's already too late.