The Bus Crash

AHHHHHH! That was the start of the end. If you want to know what happened keep on reading this the story of what changed my life forever.


It started when I was getting on the bus to go home from school, I had just come out of welsh so I was in a good mood, my teacher is really joyful and exciting so whenever I come out of welsh class I feel really refreshed and joyful. Me and my friend William got on to the bus where there were people chucking rolled up pieces of paper, and spitting spit ball across the bus. Me and William went straight to the back of the bus where there was no flying spit balls and no paper balls hitting you in the face. William was a tall skinny person and with pale skin, he had black hair and brown eyes, but he was a very joyful character. The bus started with a jerk it was a very old bus and we were used to it but there was always a feeling that it would break down. The bus came out of the school gates and on to the road which was very bumpy so the ride was horrific. William was talking about these new cards that he was collecting he said that they were really cool and I should start collecting them but I was not interested.

The bus was about half way home now and I was staring out the window I saw a man smiling and waving at me he had ripped clothes and scruffy grey hair, I ignored him a couple of minutes later we heard the sound of glass breaking and the bus started to sway side to side, then it started skidding across the road. I ran to the front of the bus and I saw the bus driver with a knife in his neck and there was a hole in the window but that was not the half of it, the bus was starting to skid towards a cliff everyone was screaming and then we went over.

AHHHHHH! In a flash there were people screaming, pushing people out of the way you could see the bridge getting smaller and smaller out of the back window and the ground was getting closer and closer then CRASH! The bus landed at the end of the cliff in a matter of seconds there was a silence for a couple of seconds then there was a high pitched scream from up above there was a woman that was on the pavement on the bridge and saw the whole thing.

Everyone was dead but then next to me was William I thought he was dead too but then he said "Jack?" he was alive but in a bad state he had two broken arms and one broken leg. He said that he could not feel his legs and to come to think of it I could not feel my legs either I looked up and that man was there again and he was smiling at me again then he pulled from his back what looked like a big bottle of gas and a box of matches. I realised that this man was some sort of mad man from a sicko facility or something. He poured the gas over the edge and on the bus then he lit a match and chucked it down on to the bus where all of the gas had landed, the bus went up in flames and we were stuck inside. The fire went to the engine and after a matter of seconds then BOOOOM! The bus exploded, blood and body parts were everywhere and to my horror my legs had been shattered in the explosion. William was lying on the floor now dead and there was no movement in the bus. I was stuck, half of my body stuck under a seat and I could not get out.

An hour past when finally the fire department got here and got to the bus. It was still on fire so the fire department had to put out the fire and then they had to get a crow bar to get into the bus. They managed to break me free and they carried me onto a stretcher and a helicopter lifted me up to the pavement where there was an ambulance waiting for me to take me to hospital. There they had to amputate my right arm and I had 3rd degree burns on the top half of my body and my legs were now useless. Ever since that crash 20 years ago I have been mourning my friends death and I have been in a wheelchair ever since.