Okay...first sorry for not posting or commenting or reading...lifes been bust but luckily not dramtic. Second: I'm kind on a Holocaust jag at the moment so there's gonna be some stuff (only like 6 different entires) about that-i don't think i have to mention that if you want to say stupid narrowminded things please don't do that in the Comments.

Now, if u have questions abt what i meant, please ask! I aslo should warn you i've been trying diff. ways of writing so this isn't poetry but i consider it to be kind of artistic.

tell me what u think and have a great day!

All this madness

Trapped in our hearts

No way out

Needs to be expressed

And diffused

Like a bomb

Cruelty instead of smiles

Blood like Kool-Aid

Harsh voices like a broken machine

Inappropriate comparisons are necessary

In expressing madness

A crazed ethnicity, like a vacuum someone plugged in and left on.

The night like cherry filled chocolate

So simple yet incomprehensible like math class

Following the crowd and jumping on the bandwagon in a perverse sense

Everything that can't happen is expected, like a backwards dream come true

Sunlight colors and beautiful night skies branding the dust

A whole nation turned to dust

We will be as numerous as the dust of the earth

Like promising a child everything will be okay

It's impossible but yet seems to happen anyway

All this, in our hearts

All this, in our minds

All this madness