Dear Amy

Written by Ashley Eppley

Prologue: Dear Amy, Here in Heaven

Dear Amy,

I wish you were here. Here I am in Heaven, Me, Sarah Darling. I am back home, with the sun shining bright soaking my feet in the cold water sitting on dock writing into my journal which I have been writing since age 10. Yes, I died of Cancer when I was thirty-two years had lost your Father 2 years before due the war, and now he is here with me Along with my husband, your grandma and grandpa are here sitting on the porch of their house they had life they waved and smiling at me from a distance. Oh Amy dear, despite everyone that here with me I am still waiting for you. I hope your life is going better than my life did. Honey, I want to be there with you guide to teach you from the mistakes I made. But not worry at all as I know you are being look for by someone other than me or the people who bringing you up. I hope that someone I have slowly come to know throughout my life there is for you now watching over that would be God and one his Angels, Jacob, he visits here time to time, and I asked about you daily and he so pleased to know that you are in the right path with God, but honey I pray as I write this entry that you are reading my journals I left as well the video. Also pray don't fear as you are not alone God, Jacob and your family here in heaven waiting for you.

It is the present here on Earth, Amy Darling, now 12 years old living with Aunt Ruth and her husband David Samuels. It is was a Sunday morning before heading to would jump out her bed would go under to get a big box decorated with daisies, her mother's favorite flower in the middle of the box is a picture of her mother holding on her journals embedded with the words Dear, Amy, before open she always stroke the picture of her mother close her eyes and she started to say a prayer.

Dear. Lord,

I know my mother is in heaven with you despite how much missed I know she is missing me more and that she, Jacob are watching from a far, smiling down, please lord, ask you for which every journal I read. The words of wisdom my mother gives comes for you how that wisdom shows me a path to where it leads me to your grace, Ahem.

She opens the box to see dozens of journal engraved with Dear. Amy on it and they are all number from 1 to 30 which her mother left in will to her and was given to her last year. She has read all journals at least once but it is time to start all over again. So she got the journal label number one. She open it for the second time and just like the last time it she cried to first sentence of the entry that read.

Dear Amy, Journal Entry 1

Honey the lord said in Genesis the lord said, Before all creation of universe and the earth it was just a dark void of emptiness then God said "Let there be light" then there was light, Amy sweetheart before you came into my life was dark empty void, then angel Jacob came to help me realize that one my light would shine on me, you were my God's light.

Amy in tears shutter closed the journal when she heard Aunt Ruth enter her to let her know it is time to get ready for church, but she when she saw her niece in tears she comforted her as Amy was in tears crying out,

"I miss her so Aunt Ruth."

"I know sweetheart but remember you'll see her soon, I promise."