I watch eagerly,
as the first drops of rain
hit the pavement.

I've been waiting
for a rainy day to roll around
in the midst of this drought.

Because you're too busy
complaining about the weather
you don't notice that I'm already
far above the heavy, heavy clouds.

Basking in memories
of sun kissed
and blush warmed cheeks.

These small snapshots
that I treasure
more than even gold.

The day you fell
into the pool
because you were
staring at me.

You offering me
a quiet and genuine
at the talent show.

You poking me in the ribs;
a smug smile on your lips
because you made me jump.

Your not the only one
who's been caught staring though.

We're just friends...right?
You keep snapshots,
I know you do.

Me, laughing with my friends,
snoflakes lightly dusting
my eyelashes in white.

The way I
French braid my hair
without ever looking
into a mirror.

My head bent low,
scribbling notes furiously
in my scrawling,
and looping cursive.

We're both observent-
I mutter and snort while I read.
Your glasses slip down your nose
as you squint at the board.

But still,
as crooked, twisted,
confusing, and weird
as we are...

(These small
moments and facts
that make up our days)

They will never
bring out the Sun for you.

Not even when there's
a cloud to be seen...

They will never
mean to you
what they mean to me.

Reviews are loved, the people who write them even more so.