Stone monuments constructed for the anonymous dead,

Plastic flowers over cadaverous heads.

Solitary trees in the middle of a stone garden,

A single figure, standing tall, against the horizon.

Lonely dead, honored dead, rotting dead,

How are you today my dearest dead?

How are you resting in this field of strangers?

Next to a freeway you're stuck forever.

A forest guarding their remains, forgotten by time.

An isolated nook in the woods, overgrown and lost.

Anyone who knew about it is dead, planted elsewhere.

Wildflowers adorn buried headstones,

Roots grown deep in the caskets, feeding off the rotten wood,

And old bones entwined in their grasp, flesh long gone.

Lonesome dead, forgotten dead, lost dead,

How are you today my beautiful dead?

How are you resting in this derelict Eden?

In the middle of a wilderness you're stuck forever.

In the center of a parking lot, six feet under concrete,

Is a single grave no one acknowledges.

The living waltz over mangled flesh, frozen in agony.

A tarpaulin hugs this lonely cadaver,

The only thing offering sympathy.

A face, everywhere and nowhere all at once,

Never to be found in this world again.

Forlorn dead, anguished dead, tragic dead,

How are you today my lovely dead?

Lost underground you're stuck forever.