Malicious creatures hiding in the darkness

They are waiting for you

In the closet, under your bed, maybe even behind the door

Growling and screeching

You hear a scratching sound as you lay still in your bed

Swearing that you see something in the shadow

Adrenaline coursing through your body as your breath hitches in your throat

Holding perfectly still

Staring at the figure in the shadows, not trying to blink

As that may be your final mistake

Laying in your bed, the safest place for you at this moment

Then you realise that your light stands on the nightstand next to your bed and you turn the light on

With a shock you look towards the figure, but he isn't there

Leaving your light on you decide it is safe

Giving one last look at where the figure stood, you smile to yourself and fall back asleep

In just mere seconds you're dreaming

As it was just your imagination playing tricks on you

Or is it...?