It always seemed that she was made for something more. Maybe she wasn't weird or odd, maybe she was special. She could stare up at the stars and look forward to a future that was all her own; she was sent to earth for a reason. The warm body next to her radiated love and friendship once you dug deep enough into Elsa's soul. She looked at the girl – woman – next to her and smiled broadly. Somehow, sometime, somewhere, this moment had been planned; this was fate.

The battle sounds in the background were a soothing lullaby to Helen's profound thoughts. Death and carnage, celebrated in this society, were merely play – they had no real fear of being made to battle. Maybe that's why they chose to re-enact fictional characters, maybe that's why they don't create their own wars – they are afraid of reality.

These four, they don't belong to reality. They belong to something bigger; they belong to fate; they belong to the stars. "The moon is always the size of your thumb." She comments to Elsa. The words, heard long ago, don't mar the perfect moment like any others would. The moon shines brightly down on the two girls as they lay on the cold concrete, pondering what they were made for.

The lullaby in the background lulls to silence as Cecil and Travis join the two girls on the ground. The four stare up at the sky and wonder where they came from and where they will go. Helen's hand curls into Cecil's and they lay there – for once the future isn't dark and scary because it is guided by the stars.

"There's Orion's belt." Elsa points out the constellation and the fours stare at it. Three stars, in perfect alignment. Is it three of them? Are they destined to leave a fourth behind? Perhaps, that fourth will be left behind to shine and be the brightest star of all. Tonight though, it doesn't matter. Tonight, the future is in the stars and they cannot be read. Tonight, they lay there and escape reality.