Night Thoughts

Silence in an empty house

A book of Poe on the nightstand

Some soft music playing in the background

What could be more relaxing, right?

However, once the lights turn out for the night the entire attitude changes.

At night the empty house comes alive with horror and wonder.

Every night assumes a new character and plays more tricks upon the mind

than anyone can count.

Mysterious creaking, false footsteps in the hallways-

The usual problems of an old house.

Knocking and banging inside the walls.

The tiniest sound forces the heart to race

and the mind to catapult into the most drastic of paranoia.

Needing sleep but lacking peace of mind to relax-

tension building deep inside where no light ever reaches.

If the sun is out and the house is full of light-

these events would not be a problem...

But at night all rational beliefs fly out the window.

Trying to think happy thoughts- and pulling the covers over your head-

not admitting, even to yourself, that you can be afraid of the dark.

Chatterings of mice in the walls remind you just how alone you really are.

When will the dawn come and the darkness be dispelled?

Hours pass marked only by the bright red numbers on the alarm clock.

Unable to sleep- strange thoughts fester in the darkness.

Life's mysteries seem so much larger when surrounded by a cloak of night.

Sleep comes in fits and dreams appear little if at all.

Sometimes it is even difficult to tell when the dream starts and the darkness ends.

Sometimes it does not even feel as if the dream world had lifted.

All wasted- spent yearning for the dawn.

The End