A few weeks after the funeral, Isabel sat in North Park where she and her mother used to come here when she was a toddler. She loved swinging, climbing on the jungle gym, and chasing the pigeons. When she was six, she begged her mother to take her to the park every day so she could hunt for four-leaf clovers.

Isabel was watching the other six year olds, attempting to climb the jungle gym with a boost from their mothers. Cory approached her from behind and sat in the next swing. He was last person she wanted to see.

"What are you doing here?" she asked.

"Enjoying the view." He was watching the mothers catching their toddlers at the bottom of the slide.

"You're pathetic." She twisted the swing so that her back was to him.

He pulled the chain so that she was facing him.

"So what did you want?"

"I was missing Elizabeth. This is where she took us on our first date. This is where I proposed to her."

"She took you here? This was where my mother took me when I was the age of those kids on the slide." She kicked around the dirt. "It was our special place."

"She told me that."

He looked over at the families eating their lunches on the picnic tables. "I know this was my fault."

"No shit Sherlock."

"I was driving in Chicago, but some nutcase in a red Toyota pickup ran a stoplight and t-boned us. I didn't kill her."

Isabel turned the swing around again. She watched a two-year-old going down the slide in her mother's lap with a grandmother applauding.

"I don't know why I came here." Cory said getting off the swing. "I was heading to the bar and I saw you and thought you'd like someone to talk to."

"Why would I ever talk to you? You didn't even love her."

"I loved your mother. And I would never hurt her."

"And look how lovely that turned out." She tried to uproot a weed in the dirt.

"I knew that you were brat, but I never expected this."

"And I never expected you to kill my mother."

"It was an accident. You're like I figured, too smart for any good to come out of you. I know you don't like me, so I kept Elizabeth away from you! She stayed with me because you'd talk her out of dating me."

"I knew you were a sleaze bag! Well, it was nice knowing you." She turned the swing away from him again.

He got up and crossed the grass towards the bar.

She watched the children on the jungle gym. In her mind, she was the seven-year-old climbing then falling backwards, but her mother caught her from behind.

Isabel looked up at the sky. "Mom, I'm sorry for everything. You gave me a home, an education, and a dream. And I hope, someday, that I can be like you used to be."

My dear readers, thank you for sticking with the story. I know it is not the greatest and what not but it was written for a class that I am just looking to pass and get out. Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed it. I may go through it in the near future and add some flash backs and such that really shows Isabel's and Elizabeth's troubles. Thank you for sticking with me, you all should get a medal! And please review, I can't make it better if I don't know what you think.