Darkness, complete darkness, a suffocating mask that I can't get past. No matter how much my instincts demand for me to open my eyes it's seemingly a feat I cannot gather up the strength to complete.

"Beginning memory sequence." The sudden voice announces in odd monotone, almost like the soothing tone used while working a hypnosis, "In five, four, three, two one."

The woman seems to speak to me from nowhere and just moments afterward there is a jolt of sharp pain. Wake up! Wake up, now! Despite my inner demands, they are futile at best. I begin to feel the easing sense of being numbed, relief from that spark of brief agony. Electric shock, my mind forms as a diagnosis for this feeling, familiar in the darkest corners of my mind. Although I work to shut it all out, it's too late, the summonded memory overtakes my waning strength anyway.

All hell broke loose, a tearful separation, an inevitable end... and then they came. All of them, menace distorting their facial features, mercy lost in their souls. A flurry of images brought forth from some source, but I'm unwilling to look, and I fight it away, sinking back into the dark.

"That was not the one we wanted," the voice has changed tone, this time more menacing, obviously frustrated with the results, "turn up the voltage."

The new voice, this one harsher and male, says, "It will kill him."

"Turn it up. He's already dead anyway." She barks out the order with definite finality.

I'm desperate for answers, but it's already too late and her wishes are granted again. The numbing pain returns and just when I think I won't be able to stand it any longer I sink into oblivion, being forced to relive where my demise all started.