Crinkle, Crinkle, Smoke and Char;
Twist and Turn and Curl and Burn!
The Blackened Cancer's creeping in.
Colours fade to Grey-then Black-then-
They crackle-whisper-soft fairytales,
As they crumble to the Dust.
The page is wiped clean.

All along the grey-scaled-snake,
He rises-
up and Up And UP!
Away from dancing, clawing, hands:
Orange, Yellow, Golden Brown;
Ripping at the past,
Shredding gauzy memories.

Baby's laughter, loving eyes,
Tipsy letters, bare-faced lies…
A History-A Life.
All UP! In smoke and ash.
My laugh rings hollow, shallow, crazed…
It matters not-Come To My Bonfire!

Crinkle, Crinkle, Smoke and Char,
The blackened Cancer killed it all.
'Cos tonight I took The Trash out-
And let The Lonely in.