Counting stars, these speedy cars are as numerous as the wars in the world.

Where is the Lord when nobody can sing a sweet melody or offer a word of encouragement

for your scars? Your life is a shakespearean tragedy in the making. Tasting raindrops, your

bloody tears never seem to end. My friend, lover from another different universe, please give

me forever. I am afraid to lose you, beloved rose of the promiseland. Just stay here tonight and

share your burden with me in this twilight zone. You are real close to me now than ever before.

We are one in mind, body and soul until death comes between us. You carry a cross from this

world over to the next. Your dying last breath is a sad love song. You're going nowhere, but up

with the birds. You say that your sacrifice will redeem my lost innocence. Day after day, I find it

hard to dance or dream without you. True blue, you are a love worth dying for every hour.

I desire to be with you in heaven because I believe we belong together. Destiny steals your heart

from me and I am left alone to wander about the earth once again. You experience Easter while

life doesn't move any faster for me. I feel your spirit somewhere nearby and my fear disappears.