If you have a dog, you'll understand.

Old Faithful

I still remember when we first met,
Twelve years ago, I'll never forget.
It was a rainy, dark and chilly night,
And you looked at me with eyes of fright!
Head peeking over the top of the back seat,
Floppy ears and disproportionate feet.
You were smaller then, young; not as fat,
And you vomited in the car, on the way back.
It was as new to you as it was to us,
And we didn't see eye to eye for a few months.
For you ate everything that you could see!
Teeth marks were everywhere - except for on me.
You ruined my shoes, the doors, my mobile phone,
You even dug the floor up, when we weren't home.
Disruption and chaos every time you were awake,
There were many times I shouted "For God's sake!"
Yet despite all that, you were sometimes good,
Always faithful. If I said come, you always would.
Then, the pup I once had to carry up the stairs,
Grew so big that people began to stare!
They feared you - especially with that bark,
You were not someone they'd like to see in the dark!
But you would not hurt anyone - I know,
For you have been loyal and caring so;
Despite the size, the teeth and the drool,
Anyone who fears you is blatantly a fool.
We grew up together, the two of us,
A child and a pup, and a bond of love.
Twelve years have passed and now you are old,
You walk much slower and you hurt in the cold,
Your black and tan coat has turned to black and white,
And you have given up chewing things at night.
You've been a faithful friend to me these years,
And the thought of losing you brings me to tears.
I know that it will come before my time is up,
Not for a few years though; with any luck.
Lied beside the fire, I look at you now,
Snoring contently, no trace of a frown,
You are more than a dog; and I'm grateful,
For your companionship and loyalty.
My dear old faithful.