As I was walking home from school, I thought about how it was going to be a stressful evening with all the homework given to me. Four pages of math, 3 pages of history, and read four boring books. Don't forget my science project that's due in five days. I was not looking forward to this.
It was not only today that bothered me, pretty much this whole month. I have been running for school president out of force. Let me tell you, it is not easy work. You have to write a speech and say it to the whole middle school, put up posters with "Lindsey Adams for President" on them, smile, and stupid stuff like that. With this much homework I don't even want to smirk, lie alone smile.
But, one person always makes me smile, everyday. Luke, the one boy who makes me laugh when I'm sad, the one who has the blue sparkly eyes that lights up my world, the one who I've liked since first grade, even though I spilled apple juice on his pants in third grade. I embarrassed him for the rest of the day. I felt so bad. Good thing we're best friends, or he would have stopped talking to me right then and there. But, its me who doesn't want to talk to him, I mean, I do, but…. Ugh! I just so afraid I will say something stupid that he will stop talking to me. I get so lost in his eyes, its like they are hypnotizing me. Yeah, yeah, yeah. I know I'm just going on about a boy. I just can't help it.
But, right now is not a good time to think about Luke's lovely eyes while I'm crossing the street.
I looked both ways and started walking across. When I got to the other side, I looked behind me. I thought I heard someone else's footsteps. Must have been my imagination. I continued. I saw some bushes with some dazzling flowers on them. I stopped to pick some to maybe put in a vase at home. As I was picking, I had sense someone was near me… but not quite.
Before I could even stand up, someone in a black suit jump out and pinned me to the ground. It all happened so fast that my flowers flew out of my hand and into the street. I was squirming and trying my best to get away but, it was no use. This person was just so strong. Soon, the person got me up on my knees and had their left hand over my mouth. I was trying to scream but all that can out was a small squeak. Then, in their right hand, there was a cloth with a blue stain on it. They put it over my nose and mouth, and before I knew it, I was knocked out. Just, great!