-Chapter 1-

-Why Me?-

It is the first day of class at Hinode University and Francy having moved into the city just the day before finds himself lost in the endless sea of faces and tall buildings and skyscrapers. Francy lets out a big sigh.

"Good thing I left a couple hours early, I knew this was going to happen."

Francy is very bad at taking directions and even though the University is only a mere 25 minutes away on foot, he drifted off course into the next sector of Hinode, the Taide sector, but most refer to it as the western Slums.

Unbeknownst to Francy from the building rooftops a shady figure in watching him, following him throughout Taide. As the figure follows Francy, he mutters to himself;

"Man this kid is stupid, he knows he is lost, yet he hasn't turned around and returned from where he came. Why must I watch over this brat? This package certainly can't be for him."

Even though Francy is lost, he is not concerned since he actually hopes that he will run into one of the Heroes of Hinode city. Ever since he heard of the Heroes as a child, he always dreamt of the day where he would bump into one of the legends such as Magnus the Iron Knight, or Justice Saber. He had always dreamt of joining them on one of their adventures busting evil wherever it reared its ugly head. Francy keeps wandering as he loses himself in his fantasy world as he wanders further into the back alleys of Taide.

His fantasy bubble is soon burst, as he hears a loud feminine scream. He freezes for a second and thinks about ignoring the cries for help, but his sense of justice and moral code kick in and compel him to take a look and see if there is any way that he can lend a hand. If anything were to happen as a result of his negligence, his conscious would not let him sleep.

"I can't turn my back." He whispers to himself

He looks around the corner and sees a group of gangsters in Orange around a young woman; one of them, most likely the leader, draws his lips near her neck as he holds a knife to her chin and is pulling her hair with his other hand.

"Look at this mighty fine find we have here Fellas." Says the gangster in a cool smooth voice.

Francy clenches his teeth as he sees that all the gangsters are armed with holstered knives.

"I've got to do something, but I can't rush in to defend her since they are armed. I need to find some help."

Francy retreats, he runs frantically through the alleyways hoping to find a Hero or anybody who can help the poor woman.

"Let's see what this poor sap does now" Mutters the Stranger tailing Francy.

Francy finally escapes the back alley and finds himself on a main street, but the clearly audible screams for help in the back keep his heart racing. He scans to the left, doesn't see anybody…. Scans to the right, still nobody in sight.

"Looking for someone? You look lost."

Francy jumps as he is startled at the voice behind him. It's Magnus the Iron Knight! He is nonchalantly sitting on a bench sipping on Orange Wave soda.

"Have you not heard the screams? Somebody is in trouble!"

Francy expects Magnus to get up and in a blaze of glory run in to rescue the helpless woman…..

"I heard the screams, but then I saw she was a college student, so she's probably broke, what a bummer!" Says Magnus disappointedly.

Francy's heart drops in terror and disbelief

"B…Bu…But, SHE NEEDS YOU!" Screams Francy at Magnus

"Well are you going to pay me then?! If not, then piss off!" rebuts Magnus.

Francy then takes off back into the back alleys; he does not want Magnus to see his tears at the image of his childhood hero is shattered in mere seconds.

"All these Vermin on the streets, thinking they can just ask for help for nothing in return." Says Magnus. He thinks Francy didn't hear, but he did and those words will forever remain engraved in Francy's memory.

As Francy dashes back to do something about the helpless woman, the Spectator looks on and mutters

"He may be dumb, but he certainly has guts, maybe he is a candidate for this package."

Francy in a rush of adrenaline from all the anger he has experienced at the hands of Magnus the Iron Knight, rushes towards the gangsters. His fist connects to the face of the leader in the Orange colored stripe vest. As the leader falls to the floor, Francy feels a fist connect to his stomach, but he feels no pain, instead he feels something hot enter his stomach.

"Stoooopid!" Yells the Spectator from the rooftop as he does a facepalm in disbelief.

Francy looks down and to his horror, he had been stabbed in the stomach. The cut is so deep that within seconds the cold grey concrete became flush red. Everything gets hazy and there is just spinning and darkness.

"So this is how it…. "