Gray concrete pier of a crisp Spring day,

Sides stained dark by the lapping harbor water.

A sky of blue smudged with dark wispy clouds,

The fleeting snows of winter past in sharp winds.

A symbol of freedom won and liberty protected,

Two centuries of blood and sweat stained decks.

Hull of black stained oak and white washed stripe,

Pierced forty-four times and bearing cast iron teeth.

Long black barrels cradled in scarlet carriages,

Blue tampons boasting white stars in each muzzle.

A dazzling constellation of revolutionary patriotism,

Akin to the canton of fifty built on the original thirteen.

Copper-plated waterline and white trimmed rails,

Bow sporting white curled scrolls and five-point stars.

An eagle engraved across the stern that invokes pride,

The ship named after that which she forever protects.

Towering masts rise from the decks like skeletons,

Entangled in miles of tarred rigging and hempen line.

Yards lowered and crossed with snowy canvas bent,

Starry navy jack fluttering from the rakish bowsprit.

The bell tolls the hour across the green harbor,

Gulls cry and screech as they glide and float about.

A grand ensign billows from the mizzen gaff,

The colors of freedom and liberty ablaze in the haze.