Polka Dot Zebra

Just a typical day in the Serengeti
There you are I can see ya
Your look makes me think of confetti
You're an odd ball polka dot zebra

You're in the savannah, you don't mix well
Your odd colored coat just doesn't sell
I've heard about all of the stories they tell
You're a pretty chill kid but your stuck in your shell

Just cause you're different doesn't mean you're a fail
I like how you got a polka dot tail
I love how you leave a polka dot trail
Don't stay trapped in your self-made jail

I really admire your original style
I like the polka dots that fill up the Nile

I love how I can see you from a mile

I like how you stun those weak crocodiles

No matter what you are or how you look
You'll always be amazing and special in my book
They say you're a lame zebra but I think you're not
You're a really chill zebra with some fancy polka dots