Chapter 1 - escaping the Hell hole.

My name is Monika Marie Rose Henderson, But you May call me Mo for Short. Alright, Where should I begin? Well You already Know my name So I'll just tell you about Myself real quick.

I have Long Sky blue hair that ends at my Thighs, My eye color is bright purple, With a hint of blue in them, My height is 5'7 ,My weight is In the 90's and my Age is...well 16. And let me tell you this, My life is a living Hell. First off, I'm a freak with Black Cat ears and a tail, My Parents are Psycho's They try to kill me over and over again and My social life is a complete BUMMER!

I have no friends, I have a voice in my head that drives me insane, No one ever comes near me because I'm half Cat, And I never had a boy friend, To tell you the truth, I never talked to a guy! my life SUCKS!

Why couldn't I have been born normal? I mean really! How am I half animal when My parents are normal? GAH!

Anyway, I am locked in My bedroom Like a prisoner. I never Saw the outside world, Jeez, I don't even know What a School looks like. I was locked in this room for my whole life. I have no Life at all. I'm Neko punching bag. My parents Come into My room sometimes and randomly beats the Living crap out of me! I mean hello? CHILD NEKO ABUSE! Why must God hate me? But lucky me I heal fast! So HA! You can't kill me that easily!

Oh right! Guess what I learn how to do over the years in this Prison center! I learned how to Draw really good, Talk in random languages, Climb up walls, Break Unknown Bones in my Body and ...Drum roll please! Make things fall into a deep sleep from just Singing! awesome right?


I'm So bored! I want to be free! to see the world! To Sail in the Skies, and Fly in the oceans! Or is that the other way around? Nah, I'll just keep it like that.

"Hello Mr. Duck, How are you?" I asked my hand.

" Just great, Thank you Young Mo, How are you may I ask?" My hand replied.

" Oh you know same old, Same old, Watch me do the Chicken Dance Neko Style!" I said as I got up on my bed.

"Oh that is just wonderful Young Mo! Can I dance with you?"

"But, , How can you? You don't have Legs." I said to my hand.

"Give me a magical potion, Then I will grow some."

"Sorry to break it to ya , But If there was a magical potion, I would've use it to make myself Human." I said sadly.

"Oh dear Mo! Your just fine the way you are!"

"Aw you're so sweet! I Love you!" I said as I hugged my hand to death.


I blinked a couple of times and brought my now purple blue hand up to my face.

"Oh No! I killed Mr. Duck! No! Long Live Mr. Duckie!" I cried.

I heard pounding from Down stairs and Blinked.

"Ooo, It seems like Those two are getting it on Today,...MY POOR YOUNG NEKO EARS! WAH!" I screamed as I covered my ears.

The pounding got more Violent and My face paled.

"Damn People! if you go any harder you'll break the-" Suddenly my Door got busted down.

"Wall." I finished awkwardly. I looked at the person who was standing In my door way.

"So the rumors were true, Those Awful people did held a Poor kid Like a prisoner." The...It said.

"Kid!? Who are you calling a kid? I'm Sixteen!" I cried.

The it blinked before laughing. "You're a weird one,Come on, I'm taking you to the police station." The it said with a smile.

I jumped off the bed and stood there staring at the it. "What are you?" I asked with a confused face.

"I'm a human, My name is Anna, Come with me and we'll find you a new home." The Anna said.

"Ok! I'm Monika Marie Rose Henderson, But You can call me Mo!" I said as I bounced around.

The Anna smiled and took my clawed hand. We walked out of the Room and down stairs.

"So where is My parents?" I asked.

"In jail." Anna replied.

"Oh...Whats that?"

" A place where bad people go, Why are you dressed up like a cat?" Anna asked.

"I'm a Neko! Half Cat half human!" I said proudly.

"Well since we're going in public you'll have to Cover those ears and Put that tail of yours away."

I pouted,but nodded.

" We don't have time, So here." She takes off Her hat and put it on my head over my ears, And she took off her coat and put it on me.

"Wah! I don't feel good like this! It hurts my ears!" I cried.

" I'm sorry,But you have to wear that for now." She answered as we walked out of the house.

"Anna! Meet Mr. Duck! I think I broke his neck." I said as I held up my hand.

"Your Really childish for a Sixteen year old." She sighed.

A dog barked and I growled. I glared at it and hissed. Anna grabbed me and pulled me over to her Car.

"Hey! Your choking Mr. Duck!" I shouted.

"I thought you Said you broke his neck." She said.

"I did? No! Why! He was my only friend! Wah!" I cried. She opened the cars door and pushed me in.

"Hey!" I cried as I rubbed my head. She Ignored me and drove down the road.

"One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six." I counted.

"What are you doing?" Anna asked.

"Counting the Cracks in the window. " I answered as I traced the tiny cracks with my claw.

She sighed and shook her head.

"we're going to my house, Tomorrow we'll look for a new home for you."

"We'll?" I asked.

"Yes, Me, you and My son Zero." She answered.

"Oh!Ok!" I grinned.

"Just, Don't annoy him or you'll end up with a wound." She said.

I made a sound and Looked out the window.

"Not like I never had one before." I mumbled.

She glanced at me before sighing.

"Rock,Rock,Rock,Rock,Crack,Crack,Stick,Bumper,Twig,Bone,Stone,Water,Fence,Dog...DOG!" I screamed as I jumped into the backseat,And by mistake kicking Anna in the Head.

"Monika!" She screamed angrily.

"Sorry." I mumbled as I hid myself behind the passenger seat.

Finally after all these years of being trapped in my small dark room,I'm finally free, And I'm looking for a new home? It sounds like She's playing some pet joke on me.

Not funny. Just because I'm a Neko, It doesn't mean that I don't have feelings! WAH!