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The room was dark and the only source of light came from the small TV perched atop the stand on Zander's desk. Tristan was visiting his fiance at his college for the weekend, and the two were in Zander's room, watching The Dark Knight Rises.

Zander snuggled closer to Tristan and rested his head on Tristan's chest, enjoying the steady sound of his heartbeat beneath his ear. His fingers curled into his fiance's and Tristan squeezed his hand, his eyes not leaving the television screen.

The camera switched to an over-the-shoulder shot of Alfred, Bruce Wayne's butler, and in front of him, a gravestone for Bruce could be seen. Zander frowned and continued to watch as Lucius Fox, Blake, and Commissioner Gordon walked away, leaving Alfred to himself in the graveyard that now had all the members of the Wayne family buried there.

"I'm so sorry," Alfred apologized, weeping. "I've failed you. You trusted me, and I failed you."

Zander felt a stutter in Tristan's chest, and he glanced up at him—his eyes were shining, his eyelashes wet.

"Are…are you crying?" Zander asked, smiling a little. Tristan didn't respond at first, blinking a few times before looking down at his fiance.


"Are you crying?"

"N-no!" Tristan wiped at his eyes with his forearm. "It's dusty in here." Zander rolled his eyes and laughed, leaning up to kiss the corner of Tristan's lips.

"You sap." Tristan made a face and directed his attention back to the television, and Zander did the same. The two watched the remainder of the movie and when it was over, Zander was the first to get up, turning on the lights.

"I can't believe you cried," he said, thoroughly amused.

"I can't believe you didn't!" Tristan retorted, glaring at him. "When Michael Caine cries, you cry. You must be heartless." Zander didn't take him seriously, as his tone was joking, and picked up his keys.

"I've got to go get my laundry. Are you staying in here?" He twirled his rainbow keychain around his fingers, waiting for his response.

"I'll come with you. Can't risk anyone seducing you while you're in there." Tristan stood and took Zander's hand, pulling him close and kissing him quickly.

"Who has sex in a laundry room?" Zander asked, smiling as he looked at Tristan's beautiful jade eyes. His fiance shrugged and nudged him towards the door, signaling for him to lead the way. Zander kissed Tristan, this time slightly longer but no less sweet, and tugged him along behind him as they went to the laundry room.

Each of the three floors in Zander's building had their own laundry room at the end of the hall, with two washers and two dryers. Zander pushed the unnecessarily heavy door open and pulled Tristan in behind him. His circular laundry hamper stood in the corner, empty and waiting for clothing to be dumped in it.

Tristan opened the top dryer for Zander and pulled his hamper over towards it, smiling. Zander grinned at him and started taking his clothes out of the dryer, shaking them out briefly before lazily folding them and putting them into his hamper.

Tristan moved to stand behind him, grabbing Zander's ass with both hands and squeezing. Zander gasped, swatting Tristan's hands away.

"I am trying to be productive and do my laundry! Just wait until I'm done." Tristan stuck his tongue out and Zander went back to his laundry. Tristan tried his best to keep him hands to himself, he really did.

But Zander is just too damn sexy.

He slapped Zander's ass this time, and Zander whipped around, trying to be angry with him. "Can't you calm your horny self for five minutes? I'm nearly done."

"I can't wait." Tristan pushed Zander against the dryers, kissing him hard and shoving his tongue into his fiance's mouth. Zander took a second to respond, but he kissed back, unsure of where to put his hands before settling on Tristan's chest. Tristan started grinding against Zander's thigh, and that's when Zander finally realized where they were and pushed Tristan away.

"Not here. Just...give me three minutes to finish my laundry. I promise I'll let you fuck me as hard as you want, whatever way you want." Zander was breathless, his cheeks pink. His erection was creating a visible tent in his sweatpants and he was struggling not to give into Tristan. "Just not here. In my room."

Tristan noticed how hard it was for Zander to tell him to stop. He knew that Zander was feeling the same way he did—he simply had slightly more self-control.

"How about I fuck you as hard as I want, whatever way I want…right now?" Tristan grabbed Zander and pulled him close, backing them into the small space between the dryers and the wall, barely large enough to fit the both of them, but large enough to hide them from view if anyone came in.

Tristan licked a stripe from the base of Zander's neck up to his ear, and he felt Zander shudder. He brought his lips up to Zander's ear, tracing the outline of it with his lip ring. Zander exhaled sharply and his arms slid around Tristan's waist. "If you really want me to stop, say 'Tristan, I really want you to stop' and I will. But if you want this, and I know you do, then squeeze my ass and we'll keep going."

Zander ran his tongue over his snakebites, sucking his bottom lip into his mouth. His hands slowly dipped down into Tristan's white jeans(the ones that Zander loved oh so much) and squeezed.

"Tristan," he whispered as his fiance grinned against his neck, kissing him.

"What's up babe?"

"Can I…can I bite you?" Tristan pulled back, raising an eyebrow at Zander curiously. He had never really been interested in biting before. Zander flushed red.

"Any specific reason?"

"I just…I mean, it's hard for me to keep quiet when you…when you fuck me, and I don't want anyone to hear us and walk in. So I…I need to keep my mouth occupied." Tristan groaned and kissed him.

"God, you're so hot." Tristan mumbled when he pulled back. "I'm so lucky to be marrying you."

"I'm the lucky one," Zander responded. They looked at each other briefly, excited to spend a lifetime together. Zander broke eye-contact when he pushed his sweatpants down his legs. "So…are you going to fuck me or not?"

Tristan didn't waste any more time.

He pushed Zander's shirt up and bent down to tongue at his nipples. Zander whispered an obscenity and gathered Tristan's shirt up in his fists, trying hard to keep his noises to a minimum. Tristan rubbed his fiance's erection through his boxers as he licked his nipples, feeling him get firmer as time went on. Zander involuntarily thrust into Tristan's hand and felt some precome drip from his slit.

Zander pulled Tristan up to his lips and kissed him urgently as he fumbled with the button of his jeans, finally getting them undone and pushing them down his hips. He thrust his hand into his fiance's boxer briefs, stroking him and making Tristan groan against his lips.

"Zan…can you do something for me?"

"Yeah," Zander breathed, letting out a small gasp when Tristan bit his earlobe.

"Suck my cock." Zander didn't hesitate in dropping to his knees, tugging Tristan's penis from his boxer briefs and taking him into his mouth. His taste buds threw a party when they caught a taste of Tristan's salty precome.

Tristan's hand fisted into Zander's hair, struggling to keep his eyes open—his fiance's warm mouth felt so damn good. He let Zander set the pace, licking and sucking Tristan, but when he took Tristan all the way in and swallowed around him, Tristan pulled him away.

"What?" Zander asked, his voice raspy. Tristan put Zander's hands on his hips and then put both of his hands on the wall behind Zander, bumping the head of his penis against Zander's lips—he was hoping Zander understood what he wanted without him having to say it.

Luckily, he did and Zander parted his lips, letting Tristan slide his cock in. He started thrusting slowly into Zander's mouth, but he gradually sped up, bringing himself closer to his orgasm. His dick was covered in Zander's spit, sliding in and out easily. He glanced down at his fiance, and Zander looked straight back at him, saliva dribbling down his chin, his eyes shining—his hands never moved from Tristan's hips though, meaning that he could still continue.

Tristan shoved into Zander's mouth one last time, keeping the head of his penis at the back of Zander's throat. He felt Zander trying to keep his throat open, but when he made a choking noise and dropped his hands, Tristan pulled out of his mouth.

Zander coughed and Tristan pulled him off of his knees. "Fuck, you take me so well." Zander smiled at his words, wiping the spit from his chin. Tristan grinded against Zander before yanking his boxers down and turning him around, shoving him against the wall.

Tristan pushed two fingers against Zander's lips and Zander let him slide them inside, swirling his tongue around them and covering them in his spit. Tristan took them out and dropped to his knees, tapping Zander's calf and telling him to spread his legs. Zander stepped out of his sweatpants and boxers and spread his legs wide, closing his eyes and waiting.

Tristan pushed the two fingers that Zander had sucked on into his asshole, and Zander exhaled, whimpering. "God," he rasped, pushing back against Tristan's fingers. "Deeper…go deeper." Tristan pushed his fingers in as far as his third knuckle and pressed down, rubbing against Zander's prostate. "Tristan, you're killing me. I just…ahh…" his voice trailed off and he pushed back against Tristan's fingers again, his erection hanging heavy between his legs.

Tristan withdrew his fingers, now scrambling to find the mini-packet of lube he had stashed in his jeans. He finally found the sample packet of KY His-and-His warming lube and ripped it open, squirting it onto three of his fingers and pushing them into Zander. He couldn't contain his moan this time, though he bit his lip as soon as it slipped out. Instead, he let out a shaky sigh as Tristan fucked him with three fingers, opening him up.

"Come on," Zander whispered. "I'm ready for you. Give me your cock, please." Tristan stood, condom in one hand, near-empty packet of lube in the other, and when Zander turned and looked at him with lusty eyes, he nearly lost it.

Tristan shoved the lube into Zander's hand and ripped the condom package open, rolling it on as fast as he could. Zander then smeared the remainder of the lube onto his condom-covered dick and hooked a leg around his fiance's hip. Tristan grabbed his ass and pushed him against the wall, and when Zander hooked his other leg around Tristan's waist, he pushed inside.

Both young men couldn't help but moan at the feeling. Zander wrapped his arms around Tristan's neck and Tristan started to fuck him. Zander was already sweaty—the laundry room was hot—and Tristan's hands kept slipping on Zander's ass, but he wasn't going to drop him. He fucked Zander at a steady pace, hard and deep, his balls slapping against Zander's ass.

Tristan almost didn't hear it, but he just barely detected the sound of the doorknob turning. He stopped thrusting and pushed a hand over Zander's mouth, telling him to stay quiet with his eyes. Someone was in the laundry room, no more than three feet away from the engaged couple having hot wall sex.

"Not done yet," the two heard a voice mutter, and then the door opened and closed again.

Zander pushed Tristan's hand away from his mouth. "See? This is exactly why I—" His sentence stopped right there, because that's when Tristan started fucking him again, hitting his prostate quickly and repeatedly. Zander squeezed his eyes shut. He could feel his balls drawing up tight and Tristan felt him clenching around him.

"Zander, I want you to come," Tristan whispered to him, slapping his ass. "I love watching and feeling you unravel in my arms and I love knowing that I'm the one who did that to you."

"Tristan…" Zander moaned.

"Come on. My dirty, kinky, sexy fiance."

Zander came.

He bit down on the junction of Tristan's neck and shoulder, hard, and shot three long streams of come between the two of them, turning their shirts white. He squeezed Tristan, and when he bit his shoulder, a strong mix of pleasure and pain shot through Tristan's body and he finished, still thrusting into Zander.

When Zander stopped shaking in his arms, Tristan set him down, grinning and kissing him.

"We do," he said, and Zander raised an eyebrow.

"What?" He asked, reaching up and running his fingers over the bite mark that was getting redder and more prominent by the second.

"Before we came in here, you asked who has sex in a laundry room. We do apparently." Zander rolled his eyes and kissed his fiance.

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