Scions of the Seraph

Omake Short Stories

'What If…'


How many years had it been since Jennie discovered the secrets behind the Has Kard castle and all its occupants? She sat at the kitchen table, gazing out the small window that was above the sink. Old memories were floating around in her mind while snow fluttered through the skies outside.

Propping her chin in her hands while leaning her elbows on the tabletop, she mused over the whiteness of the flakes against the gray atmosphere. A large storm had been predicted. Luckily, the household had prepared.

"You okay in here?" At the sound of the deep voice, Jennie glanced over to the doorway to find Rem standing with his arms crossed and a look of worry etched on his face. She gave him a smile in return.

"I'm fine," she remarked, turning her attention back to the window. "Just watching the snow fall."

To be honest, she was hiding. It simply felt awkward being around her keepers.

"You could do that in the living room," Rem mumbled. "With everyone else."

"Maybe," she sighed, standing up.

As she walked pass her guardian, she stopped and glanced up at him. With the time that passed, he had grown up quite a bit. In maturity and physique. Rem had gotten quite tall and muscular.

"How long has it been?" she asked, reaching out her hand and grabbing at a portion of his t-shirt.

"Since?" Rem inquired with a raise of his eyebrow. His good eye studied her. "Since you first came here or since everything quieted down?"

"After that incident," she whispered.

Her words caused Rem to flinch as he wrapped an arm around her, drawing her into his body. His warmth flowed into her which caused her to feel secure.

"Four years," Rem answered, "I think."

"Has everything muddled together for you, too?" she asked and he nodded. Burying her face into his chest, she took a deep breath and felt the anxiety of the past slowly ebb away.

"It would be easier to just allow Morey to erase the memories," Rem replied, continuing his hug. "You don't need to keep remembering everything."

"No!" Jennie shouted, pushing away from him. "I can't just toss out what happened to everyone."

"Right," he grumbled while running his hand through his short hair. "Still need to move on. You've been moping about too much."

Sounds of small footsteps rushing toward them caught them off guard while a small child rammed into Jennie, hugging her waist. Looking downward, she found Rem's adopted son grinning up at her.

"Let's go outside and play!" the six year-old shouted, snatching her hand in his. It was then that he began to drag her across the hallway to the living room.

Her eyes fell to the other residents who were sitting down on the couch. It was only Kasei and Cori. Right, so many others had perished. And the remaining crew had went about their lives.

Kasei's older brother had returned to their homeland to marry his fiancée. From what she had been told, Reiyl had already become a father of twins and his wife was expecting again.

That brought her to the thoughts of her cousin Ashlee. She was pregnant with her first child. And it was odd to think the father was Mirage, the oddball of the group.

Yet Jennie was afraid of the idea of having a child. It would mean she would have to continue the bloodline of the Seraph and Scions. And she wanted it all to end with her.

"Come on!" Aidan said again as loudly as possible. He pulled as hard as he could to get Jennie to the sliding door.

"Hang on, kid!" Rem shouted, pointing to the closet door. "You're not going out without a jacket and boots."

The small child made a 'pfft' sound. "I don't need that stuff."

"You might not get sick, but you'll get really wet." Not exactly the fatherly words one would expect from Rem, but he spoke the truth.

"Jennie can get sick though," Kasei said from the sofa, looking over to the scene. "You don't want that, do you?"

"No," Aidan whispered, stomping to the closet where he was handed a jacket and a pair of waders.

Standing up, Kasei sauntered over to the boy and ruffled his hair playful. "Can I tag along?"

"Yes!" the boy screamed, rushing for the door. "Everyone has to play!"

The door burst open and the child rushed outside while screaming. Jennie simply stood in the doorway and watched him. When a hand touched her shoulder, she looked up to find the cat demon eyeing her.

"Here," he said, handing her a jacket.

Just like Rem, Kasei had grown up, too. He was now taller than her and looked very lithe. After all, the ninja was still training daily to build his body. She remembered he had once said that even if the major threat was over, something could pop up.

Plus he kept his hair short. It was a promise that he would never leave her.

"Thanks," Jennie replied, wrapping the coat around her shoulders.

A heavy hand smacked at her back which caused her to stumble outside. The cold hit her instantly. As did the snowflakes.

Stepping out to the middle of the yard, Jennie finally smiled. Maybe it would be best to let things be forgotten. Her bodyguards and friends who had passed away wouldn't like the idea of her moping about. And the snow reminded her of the blank sheet of paper where she could write a new story for herself.

Her eyes closed as she took a slow breath. Her lungs filled with iciness.

Then she rose her hands to the heavens. The sting of the winter hitting the tips of her fingers. Yes, maybe Rem was right. Morey could erase everything. And she could be happy once again.

Maybe even start a life with one of her guardians. Heat filled her face at the thought, but her smile grew larger. Then a laugh escaped.

Arms wrapped around her shoulders while a head rested against her cheek. Glancing sideways, she found Kasei giving her a smirk.

"Nice, isn't it?" he asked and she nodded.

"Been awhile since I had fun in the snow," she announced. "And after it all melts, I think I will talk with Morey. It's time for me to move forward."

"Hai," Kasei said in a low voice. "That would be nice. And maybe I'll get lucky."

A laugh escaped him as Jennie swiped at him only to have him dodge. The bouncing cat demon darted from her every strike. Unexpectedly, she tripped over a hidden object in the white fluff and crashed into the ground.

Looking up with a chuckle, Jennie eyed her demons who were rushing to help her up. "I'm fine!" she laughed. "Perfectly fine!"

With a push, she rolled over onto her back. Her vision was filled by Rem and Kasei hovering over her. She gave a small gesture within her head, acknowledging to herself that these two were who she had to pick from.

It was time to finally fall in love freely. And to be free herself.