Scions of the Seraph

Omake Short Stories

'What If…'


Three years have passed since the day I found Yaozu locked up within the Has Kard castle. Yes, it was quite a shock to learn that everything the demons knew had been a huge lie. Their king was nothing more than a prisoner in his own land. Being kept captive by his son. A fake son at that.

But that was all in the past. And here I am now, sitting at a small restaurant with old friends. Suppose you could say we're having a reunion. Most of my friends have moved on with their lives. Some having gone back to their home world of Mid Caven and others staying here on Earth.

As for me, after living with the Caspian family for a year and fighting against Sanction, I had decided to move out on my own. Going against the wishes of the Scions was a bit hard, but I had made my point. I suppose they understood me in the end. They did allow me to leave.

Seeing them all now did bring back good memories though. It made me smile.

Sitting at a rather large, round table at the back of a buffet style eatery, it was easy to look at everyone. One-by-one, I was able to go over their history in my head and see what happened to them. Directly in front of me was my personal guardian, Rem Caspian.

I took a sip of my soda, eyeing the one-eyed demon. At twenty-one years of age, he was in college. At least that's what I recalled him saying to the others. The patch that he used to wear had been replaced by a false eye. I could've sworn that Lucia had said that was impossible, but maybe something new had been developed.

Had to admit that he looked pretty good. I could feel my cheeks burn at the old sentiments I had for him at one time.

Also knew he was raising his brother's son on his own. I guess being a single dad was probably a bit difficult, but he seemed to be doing fine with it.

To his left was his best friend, Janiston Byrant, who also happened to be my cousin. I had been astonished to see him after all this time with his head buzzed short. Never would I have ever thought he would cut his hair. Plus he had gotten rid of his glasses and had started donning short sleeved shirts, showing off the demon mark that adorned his left arm.

From what I heard from his sister over many various phone conversations, Janiston had decided to take physical training a little more seriously. I suppose that last battle did a number on his mental state a little more than the others.

He was also single. I gather he was still not really into the idea of dating. Maybe a day would come where a girl would spark his interest. Or a guy. Never did figure out which was to his taste.

On the other side of Rem was Mirage Sabin. He, too, had cut his hair. Not as short of Janiston, but it did look good on him. Plus he wasn't wearing the same casual dressed cargo jeans and tank tops that he had. Instead, he was outfitted with a nice dress shirt that had the top few buttons undone and a pair of slick looking slacks. Needless to say, he appeared to be chic.

My eyes then drifted to the one he came with, my other cousin Ashlee Byrant. I had known for some time that she and Mirage had started dating after he graduated from high school, but she had never told me about the fact she was…

Taking another drink, I eyed my younger cousin who was excitedly rubbing her hands over the enormously large belly of hers. Yes, she had gotten herself pregnant by Mirage.

A nudge from my left got me off guard as I nearly choked on my Dr. Pepper.

"Sorry, Jennie."

Eyeing to my side, I found a pair of almond-shaped green eyes staring at me with concern. I nearly forgot that I had Kasei Hidaka sitting beside me. He had never gone back to Nekomura like his brother had. There even came a point where he declined the fiancée that was proposed to him.

Nothing was going to stop him from staying on Earth. I suppose all the video games and anime got to him.

Two years ago he had graduated from high school. Janiston had tried to tell him to go ahead into college, but Kasei had refused. Instead the boy simply disappeared for a year.

When he did return, he looked the way he did now. I gave him a glance, taking in his appearance. All the boyish spirit seemed to have died within him. Unlike the others, he had grown his hair out. It was down to the middle of his back, but for some reason he had decided to dye it black. I figured it was to better hide in the human world.

But those eyes of his against the darkness of his hair really stood out. Then there was all the piercings he had in his ears. It made him seem to hold a rebellious side. I have no idea what he did while he was gone, but I could only hope he learn a little more about himself.

"You've been pretty quiet," Kasei said, taking a sip of his drink.

"I…" Honestly, I was still unsure what to say to everyone.

"Heard your dad is still touring with the band," Kasei remarked.

Had to crack a smile at his words while looking down at the table. For once, the cat demon was actually trying to make her feel comfortable by breaking the ice. Normally he would just jump on top of her and smother her to death. The boy had definitely grown up.

"Yeah," I whispered, "he's doing great."

Another bout of silence overtook me as I again look around the table. My eyes focused on Rem again. I found him rubbing Ashlee's stomach for a moment. It was clear that he was pretty happy for Mirage.

"You know," Kasei said, cracking the calm between us again, "my brother is about to have his third kid."


I looked up at Kasei who only gazed back down at me from the corner of his eyes with a smirk. "That guy is a horny bastard. But…I hate to tell his wife that he's thinking of someone else while he's fucking her."

I faltered at his words. I wanted to argue that, but somehow I knew he was speaking the truth.

"You planning on hooking up with Rem after this?" he asked, sitting his glass down.

I simply shook my head. "This is just a reunion with everyone," I said honestly. "Afterwards, I go back to my life. And, you guys, go back to yours. No more Scions and Seraph, remember?"

"Right," Kasei said.

I could hear Rem talking about how Aidan, his adoptive son, was currently in the second grade. And that the child was doing great in his studies. It made me smile. I remembered when the boy first came into the household after his parents' deaths.

"You really want to miss out on that?" Kasei asked. He had leaned back in his seat and was listening in on the conversations, too.

"On what?" I questioned.

"Watching the kid grow up," he said.

"It's okay." I scooted my empty plate away from me and leaned my head down on the table. "One day I'll have my own child. I'll get to watch him grow up. Maybe."

"Maybe?" Kasei whispered in a nosy tone.

"With all that has happened," I said while closing my eyes, "who knows if I can even have a kid. I'm still scared to even…have sex."

Hearing my own words made me choke a little. It was a true fear. The curse of the Seraph was a real dread. The idea of losing your virginity and becoming pregnant at the exact same time wasn't very comforting, but then the possibility that the curse was over was at the back of my mind.

It was likely that we had fixed everything. Right?

But to find out would mean to sleep with someone. Then that would also mean that if the curse was still in place…I would become...

My stomach felt queasy at the notion.


At the sound of my name from across the table, I sat up to find Ashlee waving her hands at me. Again my eyes were stuck to the roundness of her abdomen. Yes, mine would get that way, too.

I literally made an 'ughh' sound aloud which caused Ashlee's face to falter.

"You okay?" she asked as I bit my tongue.

"Fine," I said, fighting to smile.

"Great!" she exclaimed. Clapping her hands together, she tilted her head to the side and gave me a huge grin. "Why don't you tell everyone about what you're doing recently? Everyone else gave an update, right? You should, too."

I fought the urge to groan at her declaration. Instead, a hand touched my shoulder. I found Kasei giving me an affable face.

"I haven't really said anything yet," Kasei said, "so why not let me go first."

"Sure," I said remarked, thanking him in the back of my mind.

Ashlee pouted, but then lit up. "You did disappear for a while!" she said. "Where did you go?"

Laughing to himself, Kasei leaned back in his seat while drawing a finger across the beads of water that had formed on the outside of his glass. "Didn't really go anywhere."

"Seriously?!" Mirage exclaimed. "You were here?"

"Yeah," Kasei laughed, "I know that everyone wanted me to stay with Rem after school, but I really wanted to go on my own. I got a job and an apartment."

"What kind of job?" Ashlee asked.

"Was a waiter at a hibachi restaurant for a few months until the owner realized I could mimic the show the chefs do," he said. "He caught me one night playing with the knives as I was cooking myself dinner. I had just added a little extra ninja flare.

"Now he's teaching me to do it for customers."

"Wow!" Ashlee shouted, grabbing her stomach. "I so want to eat something you cooked, Ka!"

Kasei chuckled. I found him glancing at me.

"Your turn."

"Right," I mumbled. "I'm not really doing anything."

It's the truth. I simply stay at an apartment that my dad found for me after I decided to leave Rem's house. And he's paying for the rent and everything with the money he gets from his music gigs.

"Not doing anything?" Rem questioned from his spot.

"Nothing," I replied in a soft voice. "Spend my days on the couch, playing video games and sleeping."

"Explains the weight," Rem chuckled which made me want to hide.

But I should be used to his curt statements. Still embarrassing when people point out you've gained weight. Although mine was mostly…

"It's just her boobs," Ashlee shouted. "It was bound to happen!"

Right, it all went to my breasts. And my hips.

"Bound to happen?" Rem questioned. "Just because Cori is a demon doesn't mean she 'inherited' any of that. She's just eating too much junk food and lazing about."

"Just leave me alone!" I abruptly screamed, slamming my hands down on the table.

"Chill," Kasei said from beside me. "You're taking things to heart too easily."

"Right," Janiston mentioned. "You know Rem will always tease…"

"I don't want to 'chill' and I don't want to hear how everything is going great for everyone! Just finish this stupid reunion by yourselves!"

Not sure what freaked me out to make me escape, but I ran for the entrance of the restaurant. Only paused for a moment to pay my bill then continue running.

But I was stopped when a blunt hand grabbed my arm. Looking over my shoulder as the hostess handed me back my debit card, I frowned. Naturally, he followed.