I stand and wait

Annoyed is the word that would most politely describe my mood

Everyone keeps shouting obscenities

And I just want to tune it out

I don't like the words

They bother me

They aren't appropriate for school

I work up the courage to say something

"Excuse me," I say to the person using the vile language

They turn around and give me a cold look

"Could you please not use those words around me?" I finish

The words come out much braver than I feel

I was hoping they would stop

But of course it didn't go as planned

Instead they begin to yell at me using as many vile words as they can

Something along the lines of

"You don't matter, you're just a little girl and I can say what I want."

But with much more malice behind the words

I want to say something but can't find any more courage

As if those words weren't enough,

They tell me

"Mind your own business and go read a book."

I don't think and I say something that sounds idiotic

"Don't insult books!"

I get on the bus and they keep on with the vile language

I close my eyes tight, cover my ears, and cry silently

I can still hear the words

And I can still hear the laughter

I think of a million things to say

But I don't say them

I can't

I just don't have enough confidence

I almost miss my stop

I don't and I get off

And dread the next day that I have to listen to it

All over again

A/N: Today I had to ride the bus and I was sick of the language the kids on my bus use. I've never said snything to them before because seriously think about it if I can't even bring myself to confront someone I was at one point close friends with do you think I can easily stand up to a complete stranger?

Anyway I finally decided to say something and that resulted in me being yelled at for the next ten or twenty minutes. So, today just wasn't all that great.