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Chapter Six

The Prophecy

Alexander began to rule over Normalville. He resided in the haunted house, and no one objected to this. The extras acted out melodramatic protests, but secretly everyone was relieved that the bad guy had finally done something interesting (all but our protagonist Billy).

"Cheer up!" Willy encouraged him. "All we have to do is stop Alexander's evil schemes. Maybe if we get enough support from the town, we can form some sort of team to challenge Alexander."

For once, the main character didn't disregard a supporting character's advice, and he began asking around the town. To his surprise, the people didn't want to force Alexander to abdicate his throne.

"He's actually made Normalville ten times better under his rule," Lilly argued when Billy tried to recruit her. "I'm not sure if his schemes are necessarily, evil."

Without another word Billy sprinted to Willy and Jilly.

"This is getting serious, man, he's brainwashed the entire town! Alexander is making the people think that he's what's best for Normalville."

"Well," Jilly said, "gas prices have gone down. And he's eliminated all taxes, plus that hole in the ozone-"

"NOT YOU TOO!" Billy exclaimed and he began to shake Jilly to snap some sense back into her. "Maybe it's just one of those things where all the other characters don't understand the main character. You guys know that I'm right."

Jilly shook her head and took a few moments to stand still from Billy shaking her. She regained her stance and spoke.

"I think that maybe with this author we should predict the exact opposite of what happens in normal books."

Billy and Willy frowned. Jilly continued and tried to clarify.

"Haven't you noticed that somehow this author is trying to undo nearly every cliché written? That's why this story isn't like the others. In normal stories the main characters don't die in the first chapter, the most beautiful girl or guy ends up with the main character, and the bad guy always has some evil plan up his sleeve."

Billy argued that one cliché the author couldn't avoid was the evil villain did indeed take over Normalville.

"But he didn't!" exclaimed Jilly. "We practically handed him the keys to the city-knowing full well what was going on (she pressed on louder because Billy looked like he was about to object again). The only reason why the author couldn't avoid that cliché was because the people in our town practically forced Alexander to take over Normalville. We wanted our story to be just like regular ones."

Billy and Willy nodded solemnly. They both had to admit that they wanted some normalcy to their story. They weren't too fond of the idea of a new surprise thrown at them every chapter.

Billy snapped his fingers, "That's it! We just need to force clichés on this town! We need to combat the author. If we all stand against her, she won't be able to take us down. Creation versus Creator."

"Because that's sure to work out," Jilly muttered sarcastically under her breath.

"So how are we going to start this rebellion? Rebellions are clichés, right?"

Billy nodded and began to glaze over his options. He considered that the author had already passed the length of a children's story, and she was beginning to enter the stages of a transition between a short story and a novel.

"Maybe we can really get her upset and just end the story now." Willy suggested seemingly reading Billy's mind. "Her story will not be long enough to be a novel, but it won't be short enough to be a kid's short story. Plus I'm tired of these constant surprises. No book character I know has ever gone through this much stress."

All three let out grunts of agreement.

"Let's go storm Alexander's place now. He's residing in that old haunted house where the dragon used to live. We should defeat him before he raises an army and forces some large fight scene on us." Jilly suggested.

As the three began to storm towards the haunted house to finish the story, Billy cried out a loud objection.

"Guys! We can't do this; we need to, like, follow some sort of prophecy or something. We can't create our own plans! I need to go on some sort of quest to prove my worth before taking on Alexander."

Willy and Jilly began to protest, but he raced to Greasy Grease's to get some sort of prophecy. His friends didn't understand. Almost every story needed one of these prophecies, otherwise absolutely nothing would be revealed to the main character, and he would actually have to create a plan for himself without any kind of hints from a prophecy. That would take too much work.

What are you doing? A voice seemed to scream inside his head. You need to go back to the haunted mansion and finish this story.

But all he ever knew were the clichés in other stories. He couldn't end the story without some sort of prophecy or sign. I don't care if the author is avoiding clichés; she can't avoid this one. Plus he didn't prove himself yet. He needed to prove his ninja skills on some sort of quest that the prophecy sent him on.

He ran inside to Greasy Grease and asked the woman at the counter if they had any prophecies waiting for him.

She scratched her head, "Didn't hear about any prophecies, but we did order some Chinese fortune cookies. Is that what you're looking for?"

Billy nodded his head without even considering her question. The prophecy had to lie in the cookie that he chose.

He prodded the bowl of fortune cookies and finally settled on one very small one. This has to be it. He opened it and slowly read the message:

Enjoyed the meal? Buy one to go too.

"This is it!" he cried. "I must buy enough meals until I defeat Alexander the Great. This is my quest to bring down the author!"

And without another word, he bought a meal for take-out and began to munch vigorously.