Pippi Libretto 9-9-2012

Dedicated to Amy Louise Phelps on her 45th birthday

Act One. Scene One. The show opens on a little girl with a monkey on her shoulder walking a horse through a dark town. (Prologue) The lights suddenly come up on the little town, with all the village people making plans to demolish an old ramshackle house, Villa Villekulla. (SONG: Villa Villekulla) The village people slowly leave as soon as they see the little girl. She is Pippi Longstocking. She steps into the house, which is her own. Tommy and Annika Settergen, Pippi's next-door neighbors pull into the driveway of their house. They immediately go outside, because for the first time, there are lights on in Villa Villekulla. (Song about how there is someone there for once) Pippi steps out of her house and starts walking down the street. Prim and proper Tommy and Annika are fascinated by Pippi with her bright red braids, her too-long shoes, and her massive amount of freckles. She starts walking backwards to get back to her house. Tommy asks her why she does that. She explains that it's so she doesn't have to turn around. She adds that people walk on their hands in Farthest India. Annika tells her off, and Pippi admits that she was lying, but she explains to them that it's ok to lie once in a while as long as it's not bad. (Song about how to lie?) She invites them to come inside with her.

Scene Two. Pippi shows Tommy and Annika inside Villa Villekulla. They are shocked when she lifts her horse out of the way to get to the living room. Inside, they find stacks of gold coins everywhere. They vow to be friends forever, and Pippi gives her neighbors gifts. (SONG: Trust)

Scene Three. It is very early in the morning. Pippi is hanging up laundry in her front yard. Two policemen come up to her front gate. People in the village have heard about Pippi and have decided among themselves that she shouldn't be living alone. They tell her that she must go to an orphanage, as she does not live with any guardians. She tells them that she is happy where she is, and they get quite frustrated. She begins a game of tag with the policemen, (Song?) and eventually picks them up by their collars and drops them into their police car. She goes back to her laundry. Tommy and Annika approach her. They want her to come to school with them, because it is lonely without her. They subtly convince her to come.

Scene Four. Tommy and Annika are at school, in their school uniforms. The classroom is tidy. The teacher is wearing a proper dress and glasses. They are silently working at their desks. Suddenly, Pippi loudly bursts into the classroom. The teacher politely offers Pippi a desk. After a while, it is clear that Pippi does not know how to behave. The teacher asks the children to draw silently. She starts to grade homework. She looks up, and sees all the children gathered in a circle around Pippi. The teacher angrily sends the children outside so she can talk in private with Pippi. Pippi explains that it's hard to behave when your mother is an angel and your papa is a cannibal king. (Song: Papa's A Cannibal King (Working title))The teacher invites Pippi to come back when she is older. As she is leaving on her horse, Tommy and Annika stop her. They remind her that she is invited to a coffee party at their parents'.

Scene Five. Tommy and Annika are silently playing in a corner. Mrs. Settergen and three women are drinking coffee and talking. All of a sudden, Pippi comes in the door shouting commands at herself. She no longer has her braids, and she has bows on her shoes. She sits down and eats all the cakes. She begins to tell many outrageous lies. (Monologue with background music?) Mrs. Settergen asks her to leave. Pippi is sorry, and sadly leaves. As she is leaving, she tells her friends that she is going shopping in town. They eagerly come to join her.

Scene six. The three friends walk into a candy shop. Pippi walks up to the cash register and asks for 36 pounds of candy. The clerk believes she means 36 pieces, but Pippi insists. She then distributes the candy to the village children. (Candy/ "being a kid" song) She goes next door and buys toys for them too. Pippi hears a merry-go-round, and sees that there is a local fair. She drags Tommy and Annika along with her.

Scene Seven. The three friends go on a merry-go-round, where Pippi does acrobatics on her horse. She then hears an announcement for a play. She goes into the theater, and believes it is real life. Tommy and Annika are mortified, but they also find it quite funny. On stage, a woman is worried that someone is about to murder her, and there is a bad person behind some bushes. Pippi tries to comfort the woman on stage, (Song: Don't Worry, You'll Be Fine (Working title)) and then is kicked out by the ushers. The audience thinks Pippi did a good job in her "role".

Scene Eight. The three friends are at Villa Villekulla one night. Tommy and Annika have been quite sick, and the doctor expects they will be sick for a few weeks. Pippi has made soup for them. All of a sudden, someone knocks on the door. It is Pippi's father! She was right that he indeed had become a cannibal king. He now wants Pippi to come back and be a princess on Kurrekurredutt Island. (Song: I Will Be a Princess (Working title))Tommy and Annika leave to go to bed, and then it hits them: If Pippi leaves, that means she'll never come back! They'll be without a playmate. They vow to do anything to stop her from going. (Song: Pippi Won't Go (Working title))

End of Act One

Act Two. Scene One. Pippi is having a big farewell party. She has invited all the village children. The crew from her father's ship is playing music. Pippi starts a huge game of follow the leader. (Song?) Tommy and Annika decline the invitation to join because they are sick. People go for rides on her horse, and her father gets stuck in a doorway. Everything is merry except for Tommy and Annika. Pippi leaves with her father, Tommy, and Annika to go to the dock. She is about to board her father's ship, the Hoptoad. Tommy and Annika burst into tears, begging her not to go. Pippi then realizes she has forgotten to tell them that they are coming with her! They are skeptical at first, insisting that their parents would never let them go, but Pippi has already talked to their parents. (SONG: The South Seas)

Scene Two. They board the ship and are on their way. A few months later, they arrive in the South Seas. They are now very tan, and Tommy and Annika are healthy again. The men and women on the island leave to go hunting on a neighboring island, leaving all the island children alone. The children instantly celebrate being alone without being told what to do. (Reprise of "being a kid" song?)

Scene Four. The children have fun amusing themselves for a few days in a cave with many pearls that the children use as marbles. One day, they see a ship approaching. It has two bandits named Jim and Buck. (Song: Look At Them Pearls! (Working title))They want to steal all the pearls to make money. That night when all the children are sleeping, they sneak up to the cave and kidnap Tommy and Annika! Pippi quickly wakes up, but it is too late. Jim and Buck have left a note telling her to bring the pearls to them or she would never see Tommy and Annika again. She and the other island kids get out canoes to go after the bandits.

Scene Five. Tommy and Annika are crying on the ship. Suddenly, Pippi and the kids climb over the side of the ship. Pippi is holding a huge bag of pearls. She gives them to the bandits, but suddenly the islanders and King Efraim appear. He commands the bandits to take the pearls and to never come back to the South Seas. (Song: Never Come Back (Working title)/ Papa's a Cannibal King (Reprise))Tommy and Annika tell Pippi that she shouldn't have given them the pearls. Pippi explains that they were fake.

Scene Seven. Tommy and Annika are boarding the ship. Pippi has decided to actually stay in the South Seas. Tommy and Annika beg her to come, but Pippi has made up her mind. (Song: I Will Be a Princess (Reprise)) Their ship leaves, but Pippi quickly realizes that she has made a stupid mistake. She says farewell to her papa and dives into the water, swimming furiously to the boat. Everyone on board is happy that she decided not to stay after all.

Scene Eight. The three friends have safely made it back to their home. Although they are sad that they missed Christmas, Tommy and Annika hurry over to Pippi's house the next day. Pippi surprises Tommy and Annika with a birthday celebration for herself and a late Christmas party. Tommy decides that he doesn't want to grow up. (Song about not growing up?) Pippi goes and finds two magical pills that will keep you from growing up. They speak an incantation, and swallow them. The three vow to always be friends again. Tommy and Annika go home, contemplating what they will do the next day. (Reprise of Trust/ Reprise of The South Seas?)

End of Act Two