Stepping into the elevator, she took a deep breath to calm her nerves. She had no idea why she was doing this, how she was doing this. Coming from rural Nevada, she had never expected to be back in New York, reuniting with her best friend. Excited and nervous thoughts ran through her head faster than Usain Bolt at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London. "What if he's changed?" asked one part of her. The other half of her said, "So what? It's been three years; of course he's changed a little! If he didn't want to see you he wouldn't have invited to stay with him and his family in the city." It was true. After several years of little communication, he called telling her that his family would love to have her come along.

Patrick Campbell had been her best friend since Kindergarten. Though they were opposite sexes, the problem-laced idea of dating never crossed their amateur minds. Patrick had medium length, flaming red hair when she left for Reno. His eyes were a deep, warm brown that matched his many freckles. Being the funny, quirky, not quite normal boy he was, Morgan and him became instant friends. Of course, Morgan had a girl best friend, but they spoke often and kept up on each other's lives. Patrick's story was different though. As soon as Morgan had moved back to Reno, all communication ceased. With only about ten Skype calls and thirty texts, who knows what could have happened over the last three years.

The two had met when Morgan moved from Nevada originally and they had their first day of Kindergarten together in Ms. Anaclario's class. It all started with three words. "What are those?" he had asked about her thick glasses that sat atop her nose, framing her square face. She was the first girl he had ever seen to have bad eyesight. All she said in response was that they helped her see things. She wasn't quite sure about what they were called either. What she did do was let him try them on, and giggle at the face he made when he tried to see through the pink frames. It was the beginning of a long, exciting friendship.

That was so long ago, she thought to herself as the elevator ascended slowly. It was a long ride to the top floor of the modern building. When Patrick told her that they were staying in his family's penthouse, she didn't even bat an eye. She had many wealthy friends of her own back in her home town, but she herself was average when it came to money. There was always enough, just never enough for expensive baubles like golden cups and plates. She constantly stayed on her best friend's yacht, a massive ship with waiters and maids and even a personal chef who could cook anything you asked for. So when the elevator doors opened to reveal a luxurious hallway with a set of double doors at the end, she was more distracted by thoughts of the past than she was by the frivolous décor.

"Oh it's been so long…" she sighed under her breath. Nervously, she rang the doorbell, praying that her hands were not sweating too heavily. When the doors swung open, she stood aghast at what she saw. She never expected this scenario in her mind theatre, and was caught off guard. And man was she confused.