Peter's POV

Dang, Peter thought to himself, She's really hot now. Who knew someone could change so quickly without even noticing. I wonder what happened. Three years had obviously transformed the once stocky, awkward girl he once knew. This woman was graceful, athletic, and damn was she a bombshell. Peter had the urge to ask her if she was a Victoria's Secret model before Patrick barged in on his flirting time.

He watched as Morgan ran into his brother's arms like they were a newlywed couple. Peter's stomach burned with jealousy of his brother. Why can't I have her? Asked the selfish side of him. But still, he was happy for his two friends. He could tell that they were totally and completely infatuated with each other, just they did not realize it yet. Peter knew that Patrick had feelings for Morgan first, only because it was completely obvious. He stared at her like she was a Greek goddess. He listened to every word that slipped from her mouth as if he were to miss just one sentence, he would lose Morgan forever. Whenever he saw her his breath caught automatically like he was seeing a piece of art more beautiful that the Mona Lisa.

Of course Morgan never noticed though. She actually was constantly reprimanded at school for appearing to be not listening, when actually she caught every word. Peter always wondered what was actually going on in the safe kept brain of hers. The thing she seemed to ignore most was anything to do with romance, whether it is someone trying to confess their love for her, or just a simple note slipped into her binder in between classes. Luckily for Patrick, he never had realized his true love for Morgan, therefore not getting him hurt by her ignorance.

Peter had noticed a few things from Morgan as well, but she could never admit it because she was obviously not aware of what she was doing. They were subtle signs, but they were just enough for Peter and only Peter to pick up on. Just little glances whenever Patrick stretched or during the summer by the pool. Or even a few peeks up from under her eyelashes to study Patrick's concentrated face when working on a particularly hard equation during their study jams.

And right at that moment, he could see the fiery blushes rushing to their cheeks as they hugged. Finally when his brother set her down, they all got to sit around and talk like the old days. "So how long have you been playing volleyball and not told us?" asked Patrick as he dropped down onto the couch with a can of soda. "Well ever since I moved back to Nevada. It's huge back there, but then again, what sport isn't popular that includes spandex or short shorts?" Peter had to suppress the shiver that followed the thought of his friend in tight spandex. Morgan continued, "And what about you? You never told me about football! And Junior Varsity as a freshman, damn man!" Patrick waved off the complement. "It's just JV, hopefully next year I can try out for varsity." "Oh, hell no!" Peter exclaimed, "You can't be on varsity with me! Prep can already barely handle one redhead on the team, let alone two!" Patrick just shrugged, and then asked Morgan yet another question. "So do you like it so far? Be completely honest with us." He said, spreading his arms to gesture to the rest of the penthouse. "Of course I do! I couldn't have asked for a nicer place to stay with my two favorite boys. Thank you so much for letting me visit, guys." "I'm glad you're enjoying yourself so far. Just know that you are always welcome here."

As soon as the words slipped from his lips, the once quiet apartment exploded with life. People springing out from closets, behind couches, from inside potted plants and underneath cushions on the vast couch screaming "SURPRISE!" Morgan sat, not quite understanding the situation until Patrick grabbed her hand casually, got her up, and presented her to the newly formed crowd of people in the barn-sized living room. All at once they screamed "Welcome Back Morgan!"