Patrick's Point of View

Patrick woke up slowly and calmly. Opening his eyes, he saw light from the windows stream the curtains into his vast living room. He glanced over to his brother who was passed out on the adjacent piece of the couch, soda still clasped in hand while breathing softly. After beginning to get up, he realized there was a smaller figure holding onto him tightly to keep him from leaving. Blushing wildly, Patrick realized that Morgan had slept next to him all night. Not only did she happily lay by him, she cuddled him.

Trying to stay calm and not let him imagination go wild, he gently untangled his arms and legs from her grasp. When he was finally free, Patrick yawned and stretched out his long limbs, and then started toward the kitchen to get breakfast. He cooked his favorite – a bacon omelet smoldered in cheese with a side of hash-browns. The smell of cooked eggs and the sound of sizzling bacon must have awakened his brother, who trudged in slowly, still rubbing his eyes.

"So how'd you sleep? You seemed pretty comfortable last night." Peter inquired. His voice had a sarcastic yet joking tone in his voice that told Patrick that his brother was just making fun of him, and actually had no interest in his sleeping patterns. "Well I was pretty surprised when I woke up, but otherwise I slept pretty damn well. I stayed warm all night." Patrick's reply came quickly and truthfully. He had never expected to wake up next to Morgan, not that he was in any way ashamed. It was incredibly pleasant surprise to him. "Who knew Morgan could be such a cuddle-bug?"

"I know man, I never saw it coming." Patrick chuckled in response.

"Never saw what coming?" Morgan grumbled while standing in the doorway, hair and clothes askew. "Oh just that our parents let us stay overnight in this place alone with a girl." lied Peter casually. Patrick, on the other hand, was in no way acting cool. He stuffed his breakfast into his gaping maw as if he would never taste the saltiness of bacon again.
"Oh man, I completely forgot about the parental units. When are they getting here, anyway?"
"They told me that they'll be here at around noon, so that pretty much means that we can expect them to be here at six. Theoretically, we have the place to ourselves for another day." Peter said, sneaking a bite from Patrick's nearly clean plate. "Damn, that's good. You made that?" All he got in response was a stab with a fork and a righteous harrumph.
"What do you guys feel like doing then; considering we have the entire day to waste and we are in New York City after all." Morgan asked as she sat across from the siblings after pouring herself a cup of coffee.

"Well we were kind of assumed that you would want to get unpacked and cleaned up before anything else." explained Patrick, who had finally seemed to collect himself after the surprise of Morgan walking in. "Good point. That also reminds me; where am I sleeping?"

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