Well it seems I've planted my butt,
to sit here and write my thoughts.
But why write?

Why type, why post, why make text that will be erased at the click of a button.
Alas, that is the reason.

You see I never wrote these to be an attention whore,
I only wanted happiness and nothing more,
satisfaction, a feeling we all like to chase,
it's not a race. As I see it I'm content with my case,

because in my case I don't own a motive to type,
I type because I motivate my fingers to strike,
these keys could never feel enough of my passion,
these letters could fade and I would still be bashin'

I type for me, not for you, not to lie, not for truth,
there's no right, there's no wrong, breakin' free from moral songs,
manifest, reassess, who you are, I confess,
I don't care, but it's ok, connotation's in the way
but it matters, to you,
I shatter purpose, for you,
you seem quite angry, with me,
you seem quite angsty, you see,

It's my words that drive you wild, fury, rage, livid, vile,
my serenity has rocked your style,
my ignorance and my smile,

please, shut up. don't you realize what's going on?
Mere words have you entranced, your sanity is gone.
how do you expect to survive if a poet has pissed you off?
and I scoff. you really are embarrassing yourself.

oh im sorry now my broken rhythm has made you anxious,
makeshift poetry, ya oughta see this odyssey,
i gotta be im odd-uh-ly freshly outta prodigies,

ok. i did get a bit cocky,
and yet you're reading,
stop me then if you're game.

but something must be peculiar, earlier you were postin,
now im roastin, coastin 'cross words like fly fishin oceans,
useless crudeness ruthless words,
why am I writing, useless words,
absurd, why am I writing, useless words,
because I can. that's why I'm writing these useless words.

Has it ever occurred to you? Maybe I write this to express sorrow for that innocent bird.