Damn, this letter is so hard to express.
Not many words begin with the letter O's stress.
You'd think it'd belong at the tail of a sentence
yet it rests on my shoulders, in plain presence.

But...it's a perfect letter. It's symmetrical in all ways.
The line goes around and meets in a perfect play.
It's easy to write, it's easy to pronounce,
it's easy to see and it's easy to count.

It's the letter of romance, for when your partner holds you tight
O is the letter that will express your delight.
It itself isn't a letter but an expression all its own.
O is the letter with a multitude of tones.

Oh! It feels great when you throw me in bed.
Oh...I must grieve when I find my kin dead.
Oh. That's what you meant when you said I didn't get it.
Oh, dear lord, I've done my best and don't regret it.

We may have had first words, like mama and papa,
but for many O is a born instinct.
Languages evolve and while many get lost
O will never become extinct.