Rice Fried Chicken

I've never been a fan,
of food that is bland,
and I live to eat another day.

For my taste buds favor,
foods with raw flavor,
a dish with pizazz is the way.

I was familiar with rice,
a dish that could suffice,
when served with vegetables and meats.

But I never once heard,
the chef's strange words,
as he said "what would you like to eat?"

I gave him my request,
and he eyed me without rest,
"don't you mean rice fried chicken?"

I looked at him back,
and in an attack,
replied, "as long as the sauce doesn't thicken!"

So he smiled and laughed,
and he ordered his staff,
to make the widely famous meal.

When he brought back my food,
I realized how rude,
and how stupid I should truly feel.

He had chicken a plenty,
with rice near empty,
and the role reversed plate was spiteful.

Now I don't judge,
and my lips do not budge,
to say anything but "the meal was delightful."