A/N: I'm feeling tons better since my stay here is almost done and I'll be home really soon, but it's also slow death by homesickness for me right now.

"No Cure"

It's killing me,

Slow but sure;

For homesickness, though,

There is no cure

But to go home;

All I can do is endure.


My ambitions? Forget them.

My daydreams? Not important.

My fantasies? Would never happen anyway.

My wishes? Only one matters:

To be at home. Right now.

And it's more impossible

Than the might-bes I've forsaken

To put all I've got

Behind this one wish.

"What I'd Give"

To be with the people who

Know me, who I am, what I do

When I'm tired, or bored, or feeling lazy—

Always accepting me, whether sane or crazy?


I'd give everything and anything.

A/N: So, maybe not up to my usual quality. But I just wanted to vent. Oh, and by the way, to anyone who's reading this but not following/favoriting/reviewing: I'm planning on deleting this "journal" in the very near future, so I'd love it if you'd give me some feedback now.