Long Live

Fairy lights are strung from street corner
To street corner,
Glitter lining the pavements and
Slipping through the cracks
We carve with our footsteps.
We create masterpieces in cracked glass
And shattered windows,
Closing doors behind us as if
There's anything left to steal.

In our dreams,
This is real.

Even the dust here shimmers and the
Lingering exhaust fumes are scented
With rose petal dew.
We drink from the river and sing
As we chase rainbows and rainclouds
Into the sun,
Past crumbled churches and cathedrals
That we graffitied with our truth
Day after day and year after year.

In our dreams,
We have nothing to fear.

Long live the vagabonds, the vagrants
And our tarnished souls;
Long live the light and the warmth
We stole.
We're tearing down buildings with a single breath,
Hunting and chasing an iridescent kaleidoscope
Vision that haunts us with every echo of our
Harmonious heartbeats, so heavy beneath
The weight of our crown.

This is our city,
And we're going to burn it down.