Last Nightmare

I have seen fear.
It cloaks itself in deathly black,
Like the shadows that it comes from.
It camouflages its treelike self
In forests shrouded by fog.
It is subtle.
It is patient.
It has no eyes, yet sees you,
And has no mouth, yet devours.
It looks at first glance like any man,
But a close look tells you it's not.
It spreads doubt, seeds paranoia,
Reaps tragedy, and feeds upon dread.
It follows you, a relentless stalker.
It is skinnier, taller, faster than
You ever could imagine;
Its many arms comfort and horrify you,
Reaching out for you like branches.
It is everywhere.
You cannot run.
You cannot hide.
And you cannot escape.
Once it has you in its sights,
It will never lose you again,
It will never leave you any peace,
Not until it has you trapped,
Not until you're in its grasp,
Not until it owns your mind
And soul
And has consumed you whole.
I have seen fear,
A slender, pale stalker,
And it has finally come for me.