Song of the Unknown

Angel, demon, friend or foe?
What you might be, we'll never know –
Watching from amongst the trees
With stare so piercing blood will freeze
It makes the pulse begin to race
Though you lack both eyes and face.

Children laugh when you are near;
Adults scream and run in fear.
Cameras cannot film you walking
Closer, nearer, ever stalking
Those that see you – even when
They run, you soon find them again.

Slender stalker cloaked in night,
Why must you cause us such affright?
Palest man in blackest suit,
Are you protector? Are you brute?
Do you take our souls and minds?
The answers, I fear we'll never find.

Mystery cloaks you like mist;
Like tree branches that twine and twist.
Some try to explain you, and all will fail,
But still we continue to tell your tale.
Angel, demon, friend or foe?
What you may be, we'll never know.