The Stalker

I am the shadows.
I am close, yet still so far,
Far away enough
That you will never see.
Not until I wish it.

I am the forest.
I act as its tall trees do,
Cloaking myself with branching arms,
So perfect a disguise.
That you will never notice.
Not until I let you.

I am watching.
I see you without any eyes,
And note your wary motions,
Hearing your frightened footfalls on
The twigs and leaves below.
Are you lost, you poor thing?

I am fear.
I am that subtle nervousness,
The paranoia in your chest,
That creeping-crawling feeling
That spiders down your vertebrae.
You aren't alone tonight.

I am dread.
I am persistent and relentless,
A dark and heavy presence
That cannot be escaped.
You run, but cannot hide.
You never can from me.

I am terror.
I alone can hear your screaming
I alone watch as you quiver,
As you beg your gods for safety
That never comes to you.
Turn around, lost child.

I am behind you…