Watcher In the Woods

I stared into the woods one night,
Into the tree line deep
From out my bedroom window, for
I could not get to sleep.
The darkness penetrated me;
The evening wind blew cold
As it slid through the open panes,
Whispering secrets untold.

The moon was big and bright and full,
A platter in the sky,
And all around, a creeping fog
Hid from my wandering eye
The pines out in the distance. Then
I saw a harrowing sight –
A pale, suited man was standing
In the misty night.

He blended in so perfectly
With the pine trees all around
That it seemed the darkness was his friend,
And the forest deep, his shroud.
He stood unmoving, and as tall
As the surrounding trees,
But it was his lacking of a face
That made my blood fast freeze.

He tilted his head and stared at me,
Filling my soul with fear
And when I dared to look again,
The man had disappeared
Back into solemn night so black.
Seemed he was gone for good –
But still I can't forget the sight
Of that tall man in the woods,

And still I ask exactly what
My frightened eyes did see
On the night I stared into the woods…
And the woods stared back at me.