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Ms. Diana Gwyneth Day and Mr. Rocky Sanders

It was one of those days in Southeastern Oasis High School where every student wished to die, and be resurrected once classes are over. The heat was infuriating, and the teachers babbled on lazily. Students busied themselves by fanning each other with their notebooks, sleeping during class, taking equal trips to the washroom to freshen up, and play Temple Run 2 under their desks. Nothing interesting was actually happening—if you count Mr. Ronald's flaring nostrils while teaching Chemistry. Everything was just so bland... until she came along. But more on that later.

This unnamed town was populated by roughly 7,500 residents, 40% of which consists of teenagers who all go to Southeastern Oasis High School. The rest are either homeschooled, student workers, or in jail. But bear in mind that most of the people in this town are good-natured. They'd welcome you in their houses when you knock on their doors, and will give you a slice of chocolate cake once you're seated on their sofas.

And then they kill you with a knife.

I'm just kidding.

Yes, people in this town would be what city people would call "old-fashioned" or "conventional," but the town still stands with a good reputation. Five graduates of the local high school became successful and provided "class" to the town. One of them built a tall fountain in the middle of the town square (this one's ridiculous and useless, but at least tourists can be a little entertained when they visit the town). One built a factory for a famous clothing line in Boston. One was just rich and snobby, and left the town to go to China. One committed suicide for being lonely and rich. The last one, however, was a family of wealthy and talented dancers. The Days. After their youngest daughter graduated in Southeastern Oasis High School, they moved to London and enrolled her to the most prestigious ballet school there is—the Royal Ballet School. This was 30 years ago.

And now the wealthy family of Day is disrupting the middle-class peace of the town with no other than the daughter of the youngest Day.

It's about time the school had some tinge of interest in it. Adolescents would just go to school for the sake of going (like what I said, people in this town are good). None of them would go to school because of the school fair. The fair was nothing but Christmas lights and cheap booths. Teenagers would rather smoke outside their houses or read a book than throwing darts and winning a fried cockroach. Overall, this town's just boring. It's like, the epitome of robotic living.

Diana Gwyneth Day just made everyone's lives—especially the male species—interesting for once. She was like a diamond in the rock, finally mined and released. She was what everybody needed. She was the solution to the boring lives of the citizens in this unnamed town. The mayor should give her a crown for that.

Apparently everyone knows who Diana Day is, even the mayor. She had caused too much attention that the whole local government unit of the town fetched her at the mini airport. She was graciously welcomed by the mayor, accompanied by 5 leis that he carefully placed around her neck. The school, however, did not know when she would enrol. The day dragged on for the students. They just wished she'd come faster. Little did they know that their mighty prayers have been answered.

Alas, Rocky Sanders was one of the few lucky boys in his class. This happened before lunch period.

"If you aren't interested in history, might as well live in a cave since you're disrespecting your habitat. You'd rather—" Mr. Dolkins lectured nonsense rather than actually teaching the lesson. His lecture was interrupted (good thing) by the sudden movements of the whole class. Pens dropped to the floor, desks clanked from the sudden change in posture, books closed, eyes opened, attention directed at the girl standing at the door.

"Excuse me, but I was told that this was my 4th period? History?" The girl shyly said. She had an English accent, making her prettier than ever.

Her hair was richly mahogany, flowing past her shoulders down to the half of her back. Her eyes—man, her eyes—even though Rocky sat on the 4th row, he could still see how green they were. She was gorgeously pale, as if she had her own light. She was not even dressed that much—she donned herself with black leggings and a snugly pink sweater. She was so beautiful that it was almost a crime for her to exist in their town. She belonged in jail. No one was allowed to look that way. Even the girls needed the time processing how unequally unattractive they are compared to Diana. This is not exaggerating, this merely explains how utterly unreal she is to the eyes of the isolated citizens of this unnamed town.

Clearly everyone was speechless, even the teacher. Diana had to repeat herself for the whole class to get a hold of themselves.

"Room 4, isn't it? Am I in the wrong place, then?" She was about to leave when Mr. Dolkins stopped her. The class started breathing life then, but eyes are still fixated on Diana.

"No, no, no wait! Ms. Day!" Mr. Dolkins threw his arms wide, creating a rather welcoming gesture. "It's a pleasure to finally meet you. Please, come inside." It was as if he was ushering her into his house. Diana handed him her tardy slip, and her pass. "Before you sit, Ms. Day, would you care to share a few details about yourself?" He smiled rather awkwardly, self-conscious. Mr. Dolkins perspired at those few lines he had just said. Weird, but he was technically weird in the first place.

Diana stood in front. She was rather nervous. Being in front of a few people was actually different from being on stage, performing. This was more intimate. She was not rehearsed to say anything, unlike dancing ballet in front of thousands of people. She felt as if she was being interrogated by the few people who are in the room. Their eyes were strongly fixated on her, as if their eyeballs would pop out. Why in the world are they staring at me intently? She wondered.

Then again, she just said the first few things that popped inside her head. "Hi. I'm Diana Day. I just moved here from London." Then she hurried to her seat.

Rocky Sanders was indeed, the luckiest guy in the whole room. Diana Day just happened to sit right in front of him! What a coincidence. Rocky Sanders, the good-looking boy happened to sit behind Diana Day. Rocky Sanders whose name alone can bring pleasure to the ladies. Rocky Sanders, the boy with a beautiful breeding. But he was also Rocky Sanders, the anemic.

It's not like he made himself anemic. Baby, he was born that way. He wasn't experiencing the dying-sort of anemia, thank God. He's just easily fatigued and is therefore excused on the 2nd half of PE class, has random palpitations during class, takes random trips to the clinic for treatment, and such. Although pitied by his friends and classmates, he proved to be strong in his own way. He was loved by his family, cared for by the school's staff, and was generally coined to be the perfect kid on the block. Too perfect, if you ask me. This town may have a good reputation for being... well, good, but the human life cycle cannot exist without a sense of disturbance in it—hence, the bullies, the criminals, the rule-breakers.

The bullies hate Rocky Sanders. Actually, even though Rocky is generally loved by all, students tend to get sick of it sometimes. He can get away with anything just because he's sick. Now and then, students would feel a surge of insecurity towards Rocky... but then again, on top of their emotions, they would still love Rocky since he didn't do anything wrong.

Anyway, back to the scene. Diana firmly seated herself on the desk, conscious of the eyes that are focused on her. Mr. Dolkins was even looking at her with a... weird look on his face. One cannot explain the many looks of Mr. Dolkins, let alone a man with a troubled personality like him. Diana took out her book and covered a part of her face with her hair. She shyly hid herself from the intriguing eyes of the students... and the teacher.

The class girl-bully, Martha Bookshit (believe it or not, Bookshit was really her last name. How unfortunate, which is why she resorted to being the girl bully in school—a way to build her ego) cleared her throat and exclaimed in a loud voice, "Can we go back to our normal lives now?" She rolled her eyes at Diana and chewed a gum.

"Oh, right. Right. Back to what I was saying," Mr. Dolkins' face changed, then. He went back to his unhealthy, malnourished, hulk-self. "Why musn't you care about History?! It's magic! The wonders of uncovering such mysteries of the past cannot equal to the feeling of love, devotion, and feeling! You are all ignorant of your heritage. You must all go to the place where history-ignorants go to: hell!"

"Hi," a hushed voice said.

Rocky looked up from his notebook and saw Diana looking at her. She looked a little tired, but then again her face is beautiful as ever. It's the first time Rocky saw her close. Her eyes are really the colour of the ocean—you can just drown in them. The summer season and her eyes blended beautifully. Before he could formulate the many reasons why Diana was so hot, he found himself answering her back (in the same hushed tone Diana used).

"Hello, there." He answered. It sounded cool, though. He could just wave a bit of his red hair for being so downright cool. He absentmindedly complimented himself.

"Can you do me a favour? I know I'm new in this town and I have no right to ask for favours but... I'm not that good in listening in school, so I was wondering if... if you could wake me up before the class ends?" she blushed slightly.

God, she is so beautiful.

"Uh, sure. I'm Rocky, by the way." Rocky answered. He smiled at her, growing a little fond of her cuteness. This girl is different. Sleeping in class on her first day? Extremely badass for someone who's so feminine-looking as her. Well, points for the new girl.

"Thank you so much." She returned his smile. She actually returned his smile. Rocky couldn't help but notice her natural rosy lips. This girl must be extremely healthy. "I'm Diana." With that, she laid her head on her book and slowly closed her eyes. Within seconds, she was out.

"—rich heritage and we ought to care for it!" Mr. Dolkins noticed that Diana was fast asleep in his class. I should reprimand her, right? No, she's new. Maybe she's just jetlagged. But she's not an exception! She's still a student. Then again, she must be tired. She still looks beautiful though. What was I saying?

"And uh, the um... the books! Your thick history books! Do you think it magically appeared in thin air? Do you think we excreted it from our asses? No. Trees are killed for that!" His class then turned into a Greenpeace class. Very versatile.

After 35 minutes of yapping about various equations cavemen used to catch fish (his class is really versatile), the bell rung.

Rocky poked Diana's back as the students gathered their books in their bags.

"Psst. Class is finished. It's lunch time." After several awkward poking, Diana woke up with a jolt.

"What did I miss?!" she exclaimed. She placed her hand on her head and groaned. "Headache."

"Do you want me to escort you to the clinic?" Rocky offered.

"No need. My sleep was disturbed, is all." She smiled and placed her books inside her bags.

"Who are you sitting with this lunch?"

"Um... I got a few offers..." she gestured to the passed notes on her desks. All of which are inviting her to have lunch with them. Rocky felt hopeless, but offered anyway.

"Would you like to sit with me?"

"Sure, John... but only for the 1st half of lunch." Diana stood up and slung her bag on her shoulders. "John though, is it?"

"Rocky. Rocky Sanders." He smiled and offered to bring her bag. She kindly declined and proceeded to the cafeteria.

"Have a great lunch, Ms. Day!" Mr. Dolkins called out.