To Be Afraid

Have you seen the spaceship in the stars?

It flies high above us.


And roaming.

It shapes the clouds

And It shapes our dreams.

And the captain ...

Oh the captain

She's helluva man..

She stops us from wandering to far

In the clouds.

Her eyes are blue

But not the blue of a cloudless sky

But a dark night

A sad night

She's seen so many terrors

You see,

She takes away our nightmares

She places the burden on herself.

And her first officer

He's a woman

Oh what a woman!

He's beautiful

And he loves his captain

His skin is so light

So Bright

You can't help but look at him

They make such a pair

He gives you your dreams

He gives you your light

But his heart hurts to

For his captains heart hurts.

He wants to help her

But he cant

So he just takes her hand

And the end of every night

And they look down at us

They see the children

And the parents

And the grand parents

And the murderers

The dictators

The hypocrites and liars

They don't let themselves be fooled.

But they choose to focus on the good instead.

The light.

The light that they give.

So next time you look up at the sky

Look beyond the clouds.

Beyond the sun.

You'll see the Strong woman and the Beautiful man.

You'll see their tired faces.

And you'll love them,

When you see them.

Thank them.

For what they've done for you.

For everyone.

For themselves .