A Man of War

I walked among the graves that day

And stopped at the second row, the third to the left.

I remembered him.

He couldn't have been more then 25.

I had held his hand,

As he said,

"I'm sorry, I just can't take the suffering today."

He started to blink away tears

Then he said,

"I have a wife and kid.

So will you tell Mary I love her,

More then life itself?

Tell my baby,

That I hid her birthday present

On the second shelf.

Tell them not to call me a hero,

I'm just another Man of the War.

His eyes were weary now,

His body was broken.

I told him,

"Come on soldier, you're not done here!

You've still gotta walk your baby down the aisle

You gotta hold your wife's hand as she cries at the scene."

And then I watched him die

With a tear and a smile on his face.

Well I get that you've never seen

A young soldier cry

As much as I did that day.

He had told me:

"Have Rev John

Send me up to God.

And when they carry me out of the church,

Sing Amazing Grace."

I told Mary the you loved her,

More then life itself.

I gave your baby her birthday present,

You hid it well.

Rev John teared up,

As they sang Amazing Grace,

And you know what the worst part is?

You were just another man of the war.