Worth Fighting For

You've had a hard life,

You spent the first twenty years of it on the streets.

The day I met you,

you just held the tin in your hands

Looked at me and said,


You've had a hard life

You've been searching for the difference between black and white

But what's kept you going

Is that one day,

you knew you were going to find something,


Worth fighting for.

You've had a hard life.

Time seems to move to fast.

You can't get out of the way.

And you can't seem to catch your breath.

But what's kept you going is that you knew that


Someone or something,

Was gonna slow it down.

Someone worth fighting for.

I've had an easy life.

But never once assumed, that it was something everyone deserved.

Something that everyone got.

You deserve it, and you will get it.

So don't you dare think,

Not for a moment,

That you aren't someone worth fighting for.

I wouldn't hold on to someone that wasn't worth fighting for.