There Were Roses

I don't think I understand war.

Thousands die.

No, thousands are Murdered.

Don't ever,

not for a second,

think that war isn't Murder.

What is the point?

Why is killing the only way to gain unity?

Must we wait until the tears of thousands,


run together?

Until the roses on the front porches,

seem to wither and die.

They wither and die out of hopelessness for their loved ones?

Why is it that every John

And every Syed must die?

Why not the Man who gives the orders?

Is it for the good of our nations?

Fat load of good it's doing us, then.

Why is it that the Man who gives orders,

Has never seen these roses?

Why has he never had to dry those tears?

Why must we wait?

Why must we wait until the tears of thousands run together,

and our roses wither.

Why must we wait until they die,

And we lose John and Syed.