He painted all the time.

He said that it had helped him escape.

I never knew what he wanted to escape.

I nicknamed him Vincent.

He pretended to hate it,

but I could still see the smile on his face.

I never knew that when I boarded the train

on that starry, starry night,

that I would never see him again.

I did everything that was expected of me,


I did it all.

So now I'm going to join you in your peace.

I wonder if I'll look seventeen again,

when I join you.

Time has been cruel to my complexion.

Do you still look the same?


You never told me why you did it.

Oh well, it doesn't matter now.

I think I figured it out anyway.

I'm looking at the stars now, Vincent.

They look the same as they did.

I don't know whether to hate those stars

Or to love them.

They remind me of you , after all.

Oh, Vincent.

You're still beautiful.

'They that love beyond the world;

Cannot be separated by it.

Death cannot kill what never dies.'

- William Penn