Starlight Massacre

You feel the leathery texture of the aged book;

It's been a long time.

Open the cover.

"-for my dearest"

Those words...

Turn to the first page

A drop of moisture falls

There's a picture

Turn the page.

Memories flood past the dam that has long since been placed in your mind.

Turn the page.

Another picture.

This is cruel,

why are you doing this to yourself?

-so you don't forget-

Another page.

And another.

You can practically hear the joyous laughter,

Those carefree little giggles,

Separated by gasping breaths.

Those red braids,

Those cute little teeth-

You throw the book,


Your cheeks are damp.


Why did this happen?

What did you do to deserve such punishment?

You open the window.

You look out.

It's so beautiful.

You breathe.

For New Town Kids- let the Rest in Peace.

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