My reflection smiles at me.

Eyes bright,

Lips cherry red

She flicks her hair

And turns away

But her eyes linger on mine.


She is beautiful

I see this now.


Then again, I can't deny I've never caught the

Eyes that stare

The horns that blare

I pretend I couldn't care

But still, I swear

I'd miss it if it went away.


I don't ask

But will happily take what I get

Like a fairytale princess.

Perhaps I flatter myself too much,

Then again, if I don't

Who will?


There is no knowing when my reflection will


Revert back to mediocrity

If that.

It may be tomorrow,

Or tonight when I crack my daily mask

And shatter my reflection into a thousand tiny



I choose to preserve my reflection upon this page

So I might gaze upon her in my cracked state,


And smile


We live in a spiky world of cynicism

Eager to fault

Reluctant to praise

You may call me



Even histrionic

You may be right

But you would rather I saw a fleck of dirt on a blooming rose

Then a friend amongst a thousand foes.


So please excuse me,

If you would,

I must return to my reflection.

She is smiling at me.