Solitary Soldier

I am a solitary soldier

I fight for myself against the whole world

Winning a battle has been scarce lately

The world has been tearing my armor apart

With so much force that every bullet

Ricochets off and hits right back at me

Crippling strength, puncturing holes

Losing all faith, tormenting my soul

Stuck in a trench, out of ammo

There officially isn't any use for camo

With all the bullet wounds, grenade explosions

Scratches, bruises

It's the minority that always loses

A tear rolls down my cheek as I

Reach for the white flag

I listen one last time to the sound of warfare

As I listen, the violence sounds more distant

I raise my eyebrow scratch my head

I thought all the blood had been bled

I raise my head above of the trench

The bullets are flying the missiles are diving

They are going everywhere

Up, down, left, right

Diagonal in every way possible

The world put me by myself in a trench

Left me with nothing but a teaspoon of strength

Now they find another target