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Act 1

Scene 1

At School:

(Everyone is in the hallway talking amongst them selves. It is February 14th 3 days before valentines day.

Micah: (leaning against Crys' locker holding Roses, a teddy bear, 2 cards, and a box of chocolate) Happy Birthday my love I have a song that I wrote and I want you to hear.

Crys:(slightly smiling) Hey baby (leans and kisses the other women on the cheek) You know I hate gifts...

(Micah cuts her off)

Micah:You're going to take the gifts anyway so quit complaining. And Anyways I want you to hear my rap.(smiling) It's called my love(begins to rap quietly) My love your smell intoxicates me the way you move blows my mind so this Valentines day will you be mine oh yeah happy birthday now we should be slow dancing on the dance floor making cupid feel stupid cause he going on a shooting spree knowing you already in love with me. I can't help but love your smile. And plus you funny when you wanna be so you know Imma be loving you all day all night long I know being together is wrong but I can't help it. Being around you makes me feel good like I con be me a rapper who ain't from the hood. Somebody that makes everybody move dance and sing along and not rhyme about anything wrong. But you own my heart you're the only one who can get in. I don't know what I did to deserve you but I know you were always there telling me I could win. My love you got me falling in love with you again everyday. And I love you that's all I got to say.