The Creature Awoke

June 22, 2012

It was a strange night. There seemed to be a chill in the air. I was on my way to a babysitting job for people who were millionaires. My job was just beginning. I went into their house and listened to the lecture of how perfect their five children are. I read the kids twelve books and they finally fell asleep. I walked into the parent's room so quietly there wasn't even a little creak. I opened the door and quickly grabbed the jewelry and their money in a box behind the bed. When I turned around, I saw my worst nightmare come true, probably everyone's worst nightmare; little angry children punching their hands like they were ready to attack me. All of a sudden I was trapped. They tied me to their parent's kitchen door. Then I figured out a plan, I saw a knife on the kitchen counter about a meter away, I knew what I had to do. Suddenly, I saw the parents out of the window approaching the door. I had to work fast. I could probably reach the knife with my foot, it was close enough. I got to the counter of the kitchen and with the arch with my feet, I got it. I heard the doorbell ring. I threw the knife with my feet into my arms and cut the rope and ran but it was too late. Two kids ran into the kitchen and I had to hide. I decided to go under the couch then wait until the family went into the parent's room. I then jumped out the window and ran until I was safe, then peacefully I walked home mumbling to myself "another job well done Scarlett."

I was never a thief until my parents got a divorce and then decided to pretend I never existed. My dad's name is George Loft, my mother's name is Cindy Loft and I am Scarlett Loft. I am a fifteen year old girl. I live in New York City. I am a straight A student and my hobby is swimming. My swim coach is my boss who acts like my dad. My job is simple, I steal for him and return he treats me like his daughter and gives me free swimming lessons.

The next morning I ran to swimming at 6:00am as usual and saw my swim coach, Steve Mancini. Steve is part of the mafia which is a gang of criminals. He walked in with his black slick hair, big black leather jacket and of course his skulls swim shorts. Steve scared everybody but me because he was seven feet tall. After swimming with my peers, Steve pulled me aside and said to me, "There is an ancient Egyptian necklace that guarded the Egyptians for six millenniums and it is worth millions. It's buried in the Atlantic Ocean, in the undiscovered world of Atlantis. Scarlett, we need to get it. We'll be rich!"

The following day we flew to Newfoundland as it was an island right in the Atlantic Ocean. We rented a boat and brought special gear to help us locate the coordinates. Thanks to coach, I had the best diving skills on the team. I dove down about twenty feet deep into the ocean and I saw a hole in the deepest, darkest part of the ocean. Also, it was right on the bottom of the deep-sea ground. It was guarded by white sharks and there were dead fish everywhere, you could hardly see a thing. I got an underwater flashlight and saw the sharks coming towards me. They looked really hungry but I was prepared, I brought a backpack filled with 300 live fish. I knew they would come in handy for something. I threw the fish in the opposite direction and the sharks scattered towards them. I dove into the hole. It was pitch black. I saw a dim light far away, I swam my fastest towards it. There it was the most miraculous thing in the universe, the lost city of Atlantis. I couldn't stay for long as I was running out of air. I saw the necklace stuck to a book on a Triton. I grabbed everything I could but time was ticking. I also grabbed all the gold I could and swam my hardest but the gold was too heavy and I had to leave it behind. I had 10 seconds of air left so I swam the fastest I ever have and I made it with 1 second to spare. I gave Steve the necklace. "Scarlett, we are going to make millions from this necklace. We can have anything we want. We'll never have to work again. I'm so proud of you, I knew you could do it," said Steve. I didn't tell him that I kept the book to myself, it was my secret.

It was a long day, we flew in a helicopter back to New York City. As soon as I arrived home I started to read the book. It was all about a pharaoh named Ramses. Ramses was a warrior and he had fought off the most dangerous creatures. There was one creature that was alive from the underworld that Ramses had trapped. He was trapped in that necklace. Suddenly, a paper fell from the back of the book. I picked it up and read it, "Whoever finds the necklace and touches it first, has awoken the creature of the Underworld. He and all mankind will be cursed, until Ramses battles the creature again and traps it back into the necklace."

I didn't believe this tale until I turned on the television and I switched to the news channel. There was an urgent special report. "Suddenly out of nowhere, a tsunami has appeared on the coast of Newfoundland." They were showing a photograph of a humongous eye coming out of the water. I was shocked that the tale was true, I had awoken the monster. I read the rest of the note on the back of the necklace. There was a riddle that would help guide me. At 3:00 a.m. I snuck into the coach's office in search of the necklace. Good thing he tells me everything, so I knew exactly where the necklace was… in the safe. I opened the safe and there it was. I took the necklace home and read the riddle.

When you kill the creature you kill the curse

Take the necklace in a purse

Find a Leprechaun, steel his gold

Pharaohs will come so be bold

Ramses will wear the necklace and take your gold

To fight the creature as was told

I knew Leprechauns were supposed to be in Ireland, so I decided to start there. As we were flying over a field in Ireland, the plane was struck by lightning. Then another plane crashed right into us. All I could see were clouds shaped like the eye of the creature that was on the news and in the book of Ramses. We were all going down fast. I stole an emergency parachute from the plane's supply cabinet and jumped out of the plane. I survived, unlike everyone else. It was still pouring rain. I ran to find shelter. When the rain finally stopped a beautiful rainbow appeared over the field. I knew that a Leprechaun's gold is at the end of the rainbow. I was right, I stole the gold and ran towards the harbor, and I rented a boat which took me to a helicopter pad. I gave a man a bar of gold to fly me to Egypt.

We were in the air when all of a sudden I saw the most hideous and frightening thing in my life. It was the creature, and he was chasing after me. It was red and had a giant eye in the middle of his stomach. The eye was six thousand times bigger than a normal eyeball. It had 500 tentacles all around him with holes going through them. The creature was 90 feet tall with hands so big they could crush you in an instant. Just as we were landing, the creature caught the helicopter with one hand and smashed it. I went down again. Luckily, I was in Egypt so I landed on the soft sand. I couldn't believe I survived. As I was falling I saw the pyramids of Egypt directly west of me, about 300 meters away.

I got to the Pharaohs' tomb. It had a crest on it which looked just like the necklace. I put the necklace into the crest and suddenly all the Pharaohs came to life. I needed to get to Ramses, but the other pharaohs would not let me near him. I bribed them with some of the gold from the pot to see Ramses. When I finally met Ramses, I showed him the necklace and gave him the necklace and the gold. He knew what he had to do, he had to kill the creature again. I told him that it had been following me and is now in Egypt. Ramses prepared for battle. He put the necklace around his neck. They fought for three days straight and finally the battle was over.

The creature was trapped by the necklace back in the underworld. All the pharaohs disappeared back into their tombs and I put the necklace into the Nile River with the Book of Ramses. After that adventure I decided to go home and live a new life. I promised myself that I would never steal anything ever again.