When Quinn got home, she finished packing all her stuff into the U-haul, paid the driver and he was on his way. She watched as the truck left and could not help but think that there was no turning back now.

Quinn returned inside to pack the remainder of her clothes and toiletries and stuff that she would need for her flight. Then, she remembered that she needed to bring specific paperwork with her when she arrived to confirm her identity and get her dorm room assignment.

Quinn went into the family vault to get all of the important paperwork that she needed to bring with her for registration once she got to Stamford. She found her Birth Certificate and Immunizations, and as she continued to look through the mounds of important family paperwork. She found her Parents wedding pictures, her Baptismal Certificate with a picture of her and her parents and two other people she did not recognize, a man and a woman, who she assumed to be her godparents. She found a bunch of stocks and bonds and her parents' Last Will & Testaments with some Taylor Family Irrevocable Trust Agreement. Then, suddenly, on the very bottom of the pile, she found an unmarked folder.

Curiosity, of course getting the best of her, she pulled the brown folder out from the bottom of the paperwork. Fondling through the paperwork, she eventually pulled out a Birth Certificate that read her birth name as "Quinn Avalone". "Avalone", she thought to herself, "that was her mother's maiden name."

Her birthdate was the same.

The date the Certificate of Birth was issued was two days after her birthday, May 4, 1980.

Her mother's name was listed as "AnnaLynne Avalone".

However, the space where her father's name should have been listed was blank.

She quickly pulled out the Birth Certificate she had in the pile she was bringing with her to Stamford and compared them.

On this Birth Certificate, her name was listed as "Quinn Avalone Taylor". She was told that her middle name was "Avalone" because her mother wanted to keep her grandmother's memory alive through her daughter.

Her birthdate was the same: May 10, 1980.

But, on the Birth Certificate, it was issued on November 30, 1984, four years after she was born.

None of this made sense to her. She could not understand it.

She pulled out more paper-work from the "Quinn Avalone Taylor Dossier" and found adoption papers stating that her mother, AnnaLynne Avalone, had married, Thomas James Taylor, II, on August 4, 1981, and Thomas James Taylor, II, had filed for adoption of "Quinn Avalone" on January 28, 1982. She went thoroughly piece by peice of every paper that was in that dossier over and over again and found nothing mentioning another man's name. The only thing she found was a Decree from the Family Court granting the adoption of "Quinn Avalone" by "Thomas James Taylor, II" on grounds or abandonment and requesting the amendment and issuance of a new Certificate of Birth.

"Abandonment by who?" Quinn wondered amazingly to herself.

Quinn started breathing heavy and almost passed out.



That was all she could think of. Her parents? The people she trusted the most in this world were liars.

She grabbed up all of the papers and the dossier and ran down stairs so fast she almost fell.

"Mom!" She screamed. "Mom, where the hell are you?"

She ran into the kitchen. She was not in there. She ran into the great room. No mom. She ran back up-stairs dropping papers, as she bent over to retrieve them, her mom came up behind her.

"What's wrong, Qunny?"

She scared Quinn so bad that all of the papers fell out of her hands and down the stairs, practically to her mother's feet. Her mother looked down and turned white as a ghost.

"Does that answer your question, Mother?" Quinn snarled.

Mrs. Taylor bent over to collect the papers very calmly. She put them in a neat pile and looked up and Quinn.

"I've dreaded this day for a long time, Quinn, and I'm so sorry you had to find out this way. Please come sit at the kitchen table and I will explain everything. I will make you some tea to calm down."

"Screw your tea. I want answers. I want honesty." Quinn had never spoken to her mother like this before.

Mrs. Taylor's heart sank in her chest and she choked on her tears to avoid having Quinn from seeing her cry. She walked calmly into the kitchen and sat down just looking at the papers.

"So, do I get the truth or not? No more lies."

"Your father and I were high-school sweat-hearts. We have been together since high school. All I can tell you, Quinny is that yes, your father is not your biological father, but he is your father."

"So, you cheated on dad and got pregnant and he married you anyway? Does he know that I am not his daughter? Did you get pregnant on purpose so he would marry you?" Quinn was angry. Her mother was not giving her a direct answer.

"No, Quinn. I have always been a wonderful mother to you and I know that you are upset, so I am going to excuse and forgive your horrific accusations that you are making against me. Yes, you were born as Quinn Avalone; however, your father and I were not yet married. So, as soon as possible after your birth, your father and I got married and commenced legal proceedings for your father to legally adopt you. Despite all things, your father was there when you were born and has been there throughout your entire life. After the Court proceedings, your legal name was changed to Quinn Avalone Taylor."

"So, who is my real father?"

"Your father is your real father. He is the one who raised you and that is what counts."

"Stop trying to spin the truth, Mother, and answer the fucking question?"

"I did answer your question, and I am sorry if that is not the answer you wanted to hear. As I stated before, I will forgive you and excuse you for the way you are speaking to me because you are angry. But the fact of the matter is, the truth is worse than any way that you will ever talk to me."

"Who abandoned me, mom?"

"What?" asked Mrs. Taylor looking shockingly grey.

"These papers say that dad. . .ugh, I mean, Mr. Taylor was able to adopt me on grounds of Abandonment. Who abandoned me?"

"Your father and I have been there for you your entire life and that is what is important. When you get older, Quinny, you will understand. You will forgive me. You always protect your children first and me and your father love you more than you could ever imagine."

"When I get older? Seriously? That's the best lie you can come up with. You always have been dad's puppet. I guess without him here guiding the conversation you really do not know what to say."

"I'm going to forget and forgive you, Quinny. One day, you will understand."

Quinn kneeled down on her knees with tears in her eyes and grabbed her mother's hands, "Than please, mom, make me understand."

Mrs. Taylor just started crying.

Angrily, Quinn ripped her hands off of her mothers and got up so fast she almost knocked Mrs. Taylor off the stool she was sitting on.

"You know what, Mom. I'm changing my flight to Stamford. I'm leaving tonight and I do not want to talk to you or Mr. Taylor until someone wants to be honest with me. Tell Mr. Taylor I said good-bye."

Quinn grabbed up all the papers off the table and ran up the stairs. It was if her feet were doing the thinking for her and were ten steps ahead of her body. She quickly grabbed her bag with her laptop and went on the Delta Airlines website.

"Shit," she thought to herself, "the earliest flight available leaves for California at 2:30 a.m. Not early enough."

Her mother was downstairs crying holding tightly to her chest. She knew this day would eventually come. The day her daughter would discover the truth. But did it have to be like this? Mrs. Taylor reached for a dish rag to dry her tears, she was barely able to breath and became dizzy. In a daze, she slipped off the kitchen stool.

Quinn grabbed what ever she could from her room and everything that she had packed. She loaded everything into her CLK and figured she would stay at Maddie's until it was time to leave for the airport.

She went to pull out of the drive way when she realized that she had forgotten one of the most important things. She ran inside. . .Her cell phone. All she was taking from that house and her childhood was "him". He was the only thing that was real.

Quinn had so many things running through her mind. . ."Kaiden Blake! Where the hell are you?". . ."Who the hell is my real father?". . .

"Stamford, here I come with a lot of unanswered questions and a lot of baggage!" She said out loud to herself and she turned up the radio loud enough to drown out the sound of her own thinking.