"It's been so long since a new one has come, what do you think he can do?"
"Well, judging by the tractor he came on in on, I wouldn't reckon he can do much more than farm us some crops"
"That would quite fine, in all honesty, the rest of us can barely grow food as it is"
"Oh, looks like he's woken up, play nice guys"

Our unlikely protaganist ran his hands across his eyes, it sure looked like he was in his living room, but something was off, and he was sure it was more than the fact that there were intruders in his house.
If I'm in a hostage situation, all I have to do is obey them as well as I can until the poli-
The confused man was cut off mid-thought, it seems the memories of what he had just gone through had finally resurfaced. He sat up in a rather sharp manner, causing the people sitting around his sickbed to jump slightly. A rather weird bunch, he thought at first, mismatched at the very least. In front of him sat a man who seemed even older than himself, the old man sat with a slouch and a glare, fondling the barrel of the shotgun strapped to his back. Unable to meet his stare for any longer, the rather bespectled farmer turned to the next member of his audience. This one was dressed rather fancily, sat with posture straight as an arrow, and gave off a dainty, yet friendly air. Finally he moved his gaze to the observer sitting to his far right, who, even from simply being there, let him know that she was the leader, and the others were merely subordinates.

He switched his gaze from one, to the other, and then the other a few more times, until the old one broke the silence, which had been becoming so tense that our main character could have likely played "American Pie" on it.
"Do you understand jus' what's going on young man?"
The displaced farmer stared for a few seconds more, then mutely shook his head.
"Thought not..."

The room once again fell into silence as the three traded glances. Finally the younger leader-lady shattered the silence.
"Okay, since you two are apparently too fucking pussy to handle it, I guess I'll explain what's going on"
"Right then, listen carefully old guy, because I'm only going over this once, basically, you were involved in some kind of accident, or trauma, and now you're here. Where is here? Fuck if we know, what we do know is that those god damned monsters outside are extremely dangerous, and that just maybe if we kill enough of them, we'll get out of this god-forsaken alternate dimension-thingy, got that?"
Now this was easier to digest than trying to figure it out himself, he was a smart bugger as I've said, but sometimes it took him a while to get a grip on a situation as odd as this one, which to his knowledge only happened once before.
"Well, we can't stay here much longer, so I'm going to get you outfitted, and we're going to move base, got that"
Now that things were coming a little easier, for instance his thoughts, he nodded and raised himself from the bed. This caused the old coot with the shotgun to whistle appreciatively.
"Well I'll be damned, he's got a fair bit o' muscle on them bones, I bet he could give even you a run for your money Miss Rosey"
This "Miss Rosey" just grunted in response

"Alright Pecs, get over here, what'd you do before you came here? As a profession, or a hobby."
Pecs? Well, she's young, the farmer reasoned, I guess it works for now
"Ah, right, I farmed for a living"
She paused for a moment and said something under her breath, now he may have been wrong, but the farmer could have sworn it was something similar to Fucking old coot, guess I owe him something now, but he didn't let it bother him for the moment
"I see, well, did you ever have to use a scythe as a weapon? Or a hoe? Or a rake? Or any sort of implement like that?"
Aghast at the question, the farmer who I suppose was slightly slow at times replied
"Of course not! I live all the way out here, when would I ever need to do such a thing?"
Her eyes narrowed, and she strode up to him in a rather pissed off manner
"Well, you better fucking learn how, because now is a time when you will have to do a fucking thing!"
It started off an angry whisper, and ended a rather terrifying shout, this girl knew how to intimidate a man. Slightly scared for his life, and not from that monster for the first time, he sort of gestured towards the rack of farming tool that she had led him to
"I guess I'll t-take the scythe then, it seems like it could do some damage..."
She nodded, suddenly in a much better mood, did she got off on scaring people bigger than herself like that or something? Well, in any case, he grabbed the scythe and headed to the front door, the old coot had unslung his shotgun, and the dressed up young man carried a baseball bat that seemed slightly familiar for some reason. After putting his hand on the doorknob, the dressed up young man paused and turned back to the three of them.
"Are you ready?"
"Of course we are!"
The rather un-ready farmer wanted to argue back that No!, for the love of god he was not ready! However, he didn't get the chance, as at that moment, the door was violently ripped from it's hinges and flung off the island of rot. He backed off a few steps because of the horrible smell that suddenly permeated the air, then proceeded to back off to the doorway to the next room as he realized the thing that had torn the door off of it's hinges stood right in front of him.